The Kirchberg and the close Airport

Map of Kirchberg and Official Website

is a quarter in north-eastern Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It consists of a plateau situated to the east of the city centre. In 2001, the quarter had a population of 3,534 people. Its most notable features are the various European Union institutions, including the European Court of Justice, parts of the European Commission, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, and the European School of Luxembourg. The plateau also has a number of residential areas, as well as the D'Coque Centre National Sportif & Culturel, an expansion of the Olympic Swimming Pool.
quoted from Wikipedia

By the way it is mostly confusing for foreigners that Luxembourg can be meant as town or as the whole country. That is why you should always write "Luxembourg City".

** If you do not like to get lost in Kirchberg, I advise you to look to Google Maps before you go there.

Additional Information to the Airport:
Now I have found out why the planes always fly over my flat:

Fore more information about the airport, go here to its website.

Should you like to observe what is going on at the airport, use the webcam that's installed there.

And you can check the arrivals and departures at Luxair's website.
There you have to click on >Information...

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