Organising the Travel from Berlin to Luxembourg City

The pre-organisation was not as easy as I thought. At first I tried to find a cheap flight thinking of easyjet, ryanair, airberlin... but it was disappointing. Nothing below 200 €.

Then I checked further possibilities. The coach companies... but there does not exist a direct connection between Luxembourg and Berlin. Even a connection to go to another German town and then to Luxembourg City did not promise success.
Okay, I found something from Trier to Luxembourg City (AirPortLiner) but the question was: how should I get to Trier.

The alternative I considered was to find someone who is driving by car from Berlin to Luxembourg. The famous German "Mitfahrzentrale" got into my focus http://www.mitfahrzentrale.de/ or http://www.mitfahrgelegenheit.de/. But there was only one person driving to Luxembourg and also living next to me, and that was in Dresden. He had taken 40 € one-way... but I did not take the offer avoiding to rely on somebody that I do not know.

After spending a lot of time for searching flights, buses, and drivers, I decided to do it the easy way. So I visited the Deutsche Bahn website and did my inquiry online.

The result:
Berlin - Colonia 09:49h - 14:11h (ICE - InterCityExpress*)
Colonia - Luxembourg 14:18h - 18:45h (by InterCity)
* goes every hour!

For 122,00 € plus 1,50 € for the reservation of a seat.

I booked these trains and was happy in the end.


Addition 2006-09-27:

For people who plan to go to Luxembourg City and have the opportunity to fly from their destination to Frankfurt Hahn I can recommend the following coach company that offers cheap prices for about 5 - 15 Euros.


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