Several Things you should know

The tap water is drinkable.

The phone number of Luxembourg's police is 113. For the emergency it is 112.
Police cars are white and look actually like delivery cars :)

Never dare to take a long walk if you see clouds at the horizon!
I made the mistake and got completely wet. Later I was told that it rains incredibly much in Luxembourg, just one of six days is without rain...
Remember: Don't trust the weather!

Everywhere you can see new and expensive cars in the streets.

It is all about Orientation!
If you use a map always think of heights and depths. The direct line from my room to my place of work is circa 2 km. But indeed I have to walk 40 minutes!
The reason is that Luxembourg is not plain but hilly. And somehow there are ways on the map you cannot find immediately. It is a bit pain in the back. But I assume that will improve the longer you live here.

The Traffic is unbelievable high in Luxembourg City.
The highway is in use 24 hours a day. The air planes land and take off till midnight and early the next morning; and I have got the feeling that they start in the east and fly mostly direction west, across the whole city. Meaning always just over my flat.
Bicycles are seldom due to the hilly landscape.

Luxembourg is one of the last countries in Europe where you can choose your job! That is indeed unreal compared to Germany. There are many banks and financial institutes in the center. Moreover the construction sector seems to be stable.

I have never discovered such a damned situation before! In the center I could find one supermarket today. Nice that I also encountered Schlecker! that exists two times in the main street (Rue de Liberté) that leads to the "Gare".

Just One Supermarket but fortunately two times Schlecker

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