Travel, Arrival and First Experiences

The travel by train was quite nice and relaxing. It is always pleasant to 'fly' over the land and to view the countryside. That also let your thoughts go on a flight.

The Deutsche Bahn trains were on time. No delays. From Berlin Hauptbahnhof I got on the train. Here you have to look for the right waggon. There is an information board called "Wagenstandsanzeiger" on every station. The word means "waggon - position - shower". Quite easy: Take your ticket, check the waggon number and look for the position A or B or C ... and walk there.
During the trip they serve coffee, but just tell you the price if you order some. 2`70 € each.

So we passed Wolfsburg - Hannover - Bielefeld - Hagen - Wuppertal - Colonia (Köln).

By the way, do not be irritated by the train number ICE 942 and 952. They will declutch the waggons later on the track. Then, the first part of the train goes direction Colonia/Bonn Airport and the second part to Colonia Main station "Köln Hauptbahnhof". I must use the 2nd, n. 952.

In Colonia I could change the train vis-a-vis (n. IC 434), very comfortable, especially because of the luggage.

The stations I passed from Colonia: Bonn - Remagen - Andernach - Koblenz - Cochem - Bullay - Wittlich - Trier - Wasserbillig (already Luxembourg) - Luxembourg Ville.

A funny thing is that in Trier more than 90 % of the passengers leave the train and just a few get on. You might feel alone the last half an hour!

And then I was standing in Luxembourg City!

There is not a too big station. After a couple of meters you are already outside of the building. And you see on your right hand side the quais for the buses but also on your left ;)
I asked a taxi driver, he commanded me to a wrong quai what I found out by talking to the very friendly bus driver. He recommended me the tourist information inside the station building. There, you get worthwhile help and support!
I was told to take bus number 18 to my destination and that was right. All went well.
There you can get a map of the centre which additionally shows you some parts of the surrounding.

I have to praise the people in Luxembourg because nobody refused to help. Everyone tried his/her best. And I surely talked to more than five people. Okay, I spoke French with 80 % of them. But I suppose they would also help if it would be English or German.

Besides their own language (that belongs to the Western Central German language group) the Luxembourgish people speak German, French, and English very well. You will find your way, don't worry!

Some of the people I saw at the train station seemed to be strange. Some of them looked like criminals, and I recognized some drug addicts. Another difference I realised was that there were many black people (from Portuguese and its colonies as I found out later).

After arriving at my destination in the East of the City (Cents / Hamm) I settled all contractual things with my landlord. Signing the contract and paying 400 Euros deposit as well as the first rent. Now I have got one room out of a that rooms, which sizes about 15 m². The rent is 400 Euros a month.

I organised the flat using a list that the European Parliament kindly sent me in advance - whereon some landlords were noted.

As I was starving after my arrival I had to eat something. It was after 8 pm and there were no shops or takeaways where I lived. There is only one Italian Restaurant Il Piccolo Mondo. So I was forced to go there... the pizza costs 9`20 Euros. Normal meals were about 15 Euros. Quite high prices for me, student.

I went home again and that was the end of my long journey.

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Frances said...

I arrived by plane and was well recieved. I think its a bit bothersome that they have no delivery and that absoloutly everything is closed on Sundays. Bad day to arrive.