Using French Keyboards and Getting a PrePaid Card

I really dislike French Keyboards, sorry... I learnt blind writing about ten years ago and got used to it. On my first working day I had a French keyboard at my place. Therewith blind writing is impossible!
QWERTY keyboards are better than ZERTYs, at least for me. Not only that you have to learn A Z W M and N at different positions, you are forced to press Shift to reach the number keys!

Sorry guys, but this invention...

Prepaid-Card from Tango
In Luxembourg City you might need a Luxembourgish mobile phone number without contract but as prepaid. I went into a kiosk and there I could buy it easily. They offered me Tango, the only Luxembourgish provider?

On their website the tariffs are not easy to find, here you go: http://tango.lu/formules/index.php?c=tarifs

Prices (Sep/Oct 2006):
SMS for 0,12 €
Calls heures pleines 0,24 €
Calls heures creuses 0,12 €

# Heures pleines: Monday to Friday 7.00 - 19.00
# Heures creuses: Monday to Friday 19.00 - 7.00, weekends and holidays

International Calls within Europe cost between 0,1239 and 0,1360 €/min

* I just like to mention that I have got a little problem with the activation of the sim-card: If you enter the *125*12345678# do not forget the # at the end of the number. The brochure is a bit irritating because there is written: "*125*8-digital refill code# send".

PS: You should get used to such weather in the morning:

call it froggy... I mean foggy :)

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Anonymous said...

Luxembourg is an international country. In the EP, you can request a QWERTY keyboard if you do not like your AZERTY one. At the shops, they carry both items, also in laptops. So there is really no big problem with that.....