What I learned the First Day in Luxembourg City

Train to the Center and Bus to Kirchberg
I work as a trainee (I prefer the term "intern") for the European Parliament that is in Kirchberg (North-East of Luxembourg City) where all the European Institutions are situated. And as I live near the Station Cents Hamm I decided to take the most comfortable way: the train to the center (la Gare / the train station). It takes 4 to 5 minutes to go there. And afterwards one of the buses from Quai 1 where all of them go to Kirchberg. That takes further 10 to 15 minutes.

What does KAD mean?
If you ever find something written down as KAD you will find no answer in the Internet. Now I give you the solution, yes, it is easy: Konrad ADenauer Building...

Shopping in Luxembourg
Forget it if it is after 5.30 pm. This is the usual closing time for the shops. There are some exceptions as I have heard. It might be that I will add them to the blog if I find them.

Prices in the Supermarkets
Goods are quite expensive here. If you compare it to Germany I would say it is about 30 to 50 % higher priced!
But there are strange exceptions: The petrol costs just 0`98 Euro, in Germany it is about 1`30 Euro. Or Red Bull costs just 0`99 Euros - much cheaper than in Germany.
Wines are particular expensive. Furthermore I have also seen booze for 120 Euros!
But to be honest I have to check more supermarkets... to give you better information. I will do that later.

No doubt: Luxembourg City is one of the most international places I have ever been. I guess you can meet nearly every nationality here, that exists on the planet.

Ticket for a certain area
Already mentioned, I live in Cents Hamm and I have to go to Kirchberg every morning. For that area I needed a ticket, and there is a special one that costs only 22`50 euros per month. Therewith I can also pass the center.
@Thanks to Milena Vladimirova (Bulgaria) who introduced and helped me a lot!

By the way one single ticket costs 1`50 euro and is valid for 1 hour for Buses and for Trains!!

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