As a Trainee in the EU Parliament

How your first day could be (in the EP, European Parliament):

In the beginning you might have problems in orientation and finding your building! Therefore I have prepared a small map for you:

Kirchberg - Small Map for Orientaton

When you arrive at the building and you enter you go straight to the "Accueil" (Reception) where all the security staff is. Then tell them in English, French or German that you are a trainee and this is your first day. Furthermore mention the name of your supervisor or the responsible for trainees (written down on the letter you have received from the EP as a confirmation for the internship, yep, you can also show the letter).
Afterwards, if everything is okay, they will take a photo of you and print it on an identity card (access card) which allows you to enter the building.

After you have gone to the person who is in charge of the trainees, he or she will give you a couple of forms to sign. After that procedure and some instructions you should go to Reception Service where you get a reduction card for the canteen.

You will be shown your office by your supervisor or other colleagues and introduced into different procedures in the European Parliament, and maybe you socialise with employees of other divisions a bit (but, okay, not on the first day).

I recommend you to do a little Welcome's party with other stagiaires (trainees) you know. Invite all people that you work with. That is a wonderful thing to have a good start...

Information on the Access Card:
Please pay attention. It is not allowed for trainees to re-enter the building again if you have left it after 5.30 pm (Fridays even 1.30pm!). That can cause big problems e. g. if you go to the supermarket and you like to get in again.

For the period of your traineeship you have to pass the security access (as it is in the airport), and you should always wear your access card (badge) within the building.

The canteens:
You can eat in the KAD Building (Konrad Adenauer) or in the Court of Justice (Building C or T). But my recommendation is KAD since they have the cheapest prices and the most delicious dishes as I think personally.

All the people I met here are very friendly and helping whenever you need help! There are very rare exceptions that are not (maybe one out of hundred). Try to speak French, and if not suitable English will be the next choice. I for example do never use my German mother tongue although I could.

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