Beautiful Days in Trier (40 min away)

Trier! One of the oldest towns in whole good old Germany. It is about 50 km away from Luxembourg City and easy to reach by train and by car.

The best and relaxed way to travel is to buy a a daily ticket ("Tagesticket") that can be used to go from Luxembourg City to Trier and return. It costs only 8,40 €.

In the following you can find a flyer in German for download (as pdf): Informative Flyer of CFL

Picture of CFL Railway Company
CFL is the name of Luxembourg's railway company

useful for commuters: Monthly Season Ticket Oekocard
1st class: 112,50 € each month & 2nd class: 75,00 € each month

Federweißer and Zwiebelkuchen
These are specialities you can find in Trier. Federweißer is a fermenting grape must. It is available from early September to late October, and is generally served together with savoury food. Zwiebelkuchen is a one-crust pie made of steamed onion, diced bacon, cream, and caraway seed on a yeast dough.



Porta Nigra

Market place

Discovered: Oldest Pharmacy in Germany

Dome of Trier

Weinstube Kesselstatt
Next to the Dome of Trier you can find the wine tavern Kesselstatt. There we drank spritzer ("Weinschorle") as well as wine and ate 2 pieces of Zwiebelkuchen, in total for 13 €. They have dozens of wines to offer.
Believe me, the tavern looks awesome!! Very romantic and a relaxing atmosphere.

Map of Sightseeings

You can get a very useful map of Trier for free if you are at one of its sights!

I recommend the "Kombi-Ticket Trier" that costs 6,20 € and is valid for the entry to Amphitheater, Porta Nigra, Imperial Baths ("Kaiserthermen"), Bath at the Viehmarkt ("Viehmarktthermen"), Klause, and Roman Villa Otrang. It is valid for one year and introduced by Rheinland-Pfalz Burgen, Schlösser, Altertümer.

Nice and friendly. We met a lot of open minded people. Our "host father" became also our buddy, although he did not know us before we were allowed to spend the night in his house!

Public Transport
Still a problem. Few buses, some just every hour, or never on weekends... The train station is small and sympathic. Trains to Koblenz, Luxembourg, Colonia, etc.

Very sunny when we were there!

Links that help you:
- Videos about the Sightseeings
- Official Homepage of the town
- Trier's complete City Map (Java and Javascript needed)

I liked the days in Trier very much!
And I also like to recommend that beautiful town to everyone out there ;)

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