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I have the pleasure to possess some freetime in the evening, during the week. Trying to be creative with what I have got here, I thought it would be a great idea to test the beers available.

No sooner said than done!

The results:

Beer Testing

„Le savoureux secret du Luxembourg“
- depuis 1764
- Lager Pils
- www.bofferding.lu

- 1st candidate to be tested
- I was curious and opened it slowly but suddenly the beer splashed around
- of course also on my laptop, whose screen I had to clean afterwards
- alcohol: 4,8 %
- slightly dry, tastes too simple (more water than beer) and you think it would be brewed for tramps
- judgement: 3 of 10 points

Chimay Trappist
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 8,0 %
- www.chimay.com

- liquid is not clear, you cannot look through
- strong and herb
- rating of 6 of 10 points

DAB Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei
- Germany
- Premium German Lager
- „The Beer of World Fame“
- alcolhol: 5,0 %
- www.dab.de

- I am German but have never heard of that beer!
- smells nice and the taste remembers me of a beer from Gran Canaria, what actually means it is a beer for party
- but the overall taste is too weak I think
- rating of 8 of 10 points

Gambrinus Battin
“Beier wei freier”
- Luxembourgish
- alcolhol: 5,2 %
- www.gambrinus.lu

- colour of beer is a warm yellow like the colour of the can
- a bit malt inside, pleasant, but after the 3rd swallow I thought more than half a litre would be too much ;)
- in the end I was surprised that it tasted better than in the beginning
- rating of 8 of 10 points (actually just 7 but I like the colour)

“ Abdijbier - Bière d’Abbaye”
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 6,7 %
- www.grimbergenbier.be

- warm colour
- first “idea” is great, it is also a bit sweet, but the taste after is a bit too flushy
- rating of 6 of 10 points

Haute Yutz
- France, Ueberach
- „Biere de l’agriculture biologique“
- alcolhol: 4,8 %
- no website

- the most expensive beer of all beers that I have listed here (more than double-priced!)
- tastes like water and sparkles like sprite
- rating of 4 of 10 points

“Witbier-bière blanche”
- alcolhol: 4,9 %
- no website

- colour similar to the colour of fanta or maybe urin
- the smell lies between Kristallweizen or a plant
- disgusting
- There really exist some people who like the beer: www.ciao.de
- it is in no way of my favour sorry...
- easy to rate… 1 of 10 points

“Export Beer ”
- “from the oldest brewery in northern europe”
- Finish
- since 1819
- alcolhol: 5,2 %
- www.koff.fi

- yummy, dry but not too strong, a bit spicy
- after 2nd and 3rd try it was not sooo special but still okay
- a rating of 8 of 10 points with one eye closed

“Beier wei freier”
- Belgium
- since 1791
- alcolhol: 8,0 %
- www.bestbelgianspecialbeers.be

- colour like liquid honey
- sweet, and the after-taste is a bit sour
- not for drinking in masses
- rating of 6 of 10 points

Lapin Kulta Premium
“Lager Bier“
- Finish
- alcohol: 5,2 %
- www.lapinkulta.fi

- opening was perfect, foam came up a bit but was not touching the head of the can.
- smells like nothing
- taste is sweet for a beer, very light but delicious
- hard to rate… 7 of 10 points

- Belgique
- „Abbaye de Leffe“
- anno 1240
- alcolhol: 6,6 %
- www.leffe.be

- not so good, strong taste but not so pleasant
- rating of 4 of 10 points

Martin’s Pale Ale
- Belgium
- since 1909
- www.anthonymartin.be

- alcolhol: 5,8 %
- I drunk it quickly
- not one of the best but you can drink a lot of them
- rating of 6 of 10 points

St Benoit
“Bière d’Abbaye - Abdijbier ”
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 6,3 %
- no website
- blond beer
- sparkles in your mouth and on your tongue
- too lax, not herb
- not as bad as Hoegaarden but a bit similar
- rating of 4 of 10 points

And the winners are:

“Brewed and Canned in Belgium”
- Bruxelles, Belgium
- alcolhol: 5,2 %
- www.jupilerleague.nl

- dry, masculine
- drinkable, pleasant, good for your mouth ;)
- slightly soft in the end..
- Jupiler is the main sponsor of Belgium’s 1st Football Division
- rating of 9 of 10 points

Jupiler Blue
“Biere Blonde”
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 3,3 %
- www.jupilerleague.be

- “La Jupiler Blue est à température idéale quand le flcon est bleu. »
- The white « flocon » (a snowflake) is on the can, that’s really cool!
- not particular dry, slight beer, pleasant
- It is not strong but tasty, I like it :)
- rating of 9 of 10 points

Diekirch Premium
- Belgium
- since 1871
- alcolhol: 4,8 %
- www.diekirchleague.lu

- wow, kind of sweet but not to much, very pleasant
- the smell is also nice, what a pity that I had just one
- rating of 9 of 10 points

And no, I was not paid for that...

By the way, there are more and more beers to get but I got fed up with testing. I found out that it is really a pleasure just to enjoy, without documenting anything.

Maybe you would like to ask me where I got so many different beers? The answer: Since I am a trainee in the European Parliament I can go shopping in the EU supermarket. But I guess that you can buy more than the half of the beer also in Luxembourg's supermarkets Auchan or Cactus.

In the net there is a database for a lot of beers:
but forget the webdesign...

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