Cheap Beer & Red Bull & Zebra crossings everywhere

No, I am not on drugs! ...

I have found a pub relatively close to my house. It must be in Rue de la Montagne or more to the west in Rue Godchaux (map). There is just one in the area... :)

Anyway, I was surprised when I discovered the bar during a walk with a friend. Inside the people were simple and friendly and so were the prices. We paid 1,50 € each 0,4 l beer! That is cheaper than in Germany. Amazing.
Also, I think I forgot to mention, one can of Red Bull costs below 1,00 € in a supermarket. So far the information on the prices.

Zebra crossings?
Yep, everywhere! You walk around in the city or outside, does not matter, zebra crossings are crossing your way. Sometimes twice a corner. I would suggest we call that town "city of white stripes"... do you actually know how to use such facility? No? Then enjoy that tutorial...

I do not dream ... a 2nd supermarket
Unbelievable but true. There are two little supermarkets in the center! The first one is Cactus in 32 rue de Strasbourg; and the second is located in the next street running parallel.

The biggest supermarket you can find in Lux City is not in the centre, but far outside: Its name is Auchan (map and information).

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