Football Match of Racing FC Union Letzebeurg

Racing FC Union Letzebeurg vs. FC Etzella Ettelbrück, on Sunday

Do not ask me why the football clubs here have such strange and long names. Maybe it is a tradition?!

Anyway. The football they played last Sunday, on 2006-10-15, was quite attractive.

The stadion is about 5 foot minutes away from the Main Station (la "Gare"). You can see it on the map, it is in Bongeschgewang, surrounded by Rue Lavoisier and Rue Auguste Lumière.

I took some photos of the match. One of the players got an egg-shot ;) and could not stand up for some minutes... poor guy (but he is well paid for this job). ... 2nd picture shows the tribune ... 3rd the end of the game:

Racing FC won 2:1 in the end (really gained through effort!).

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pa said...

The long club names are because, in the past, there were 3 different clubs which fusioned, but no one was willing to give up their name.