My 2nd week in Luxembourg Ville

...has just started and I try to give you some further facts:

Do not wonder if you go throughout the city or if you use the public transport, you will not see a lot of young people. Even when I passed the University I saw not many students (but probably depending on the time I was there).

Now and then you meet some children/pupils taking the bus but besides just people aged over 30 years.

And - without having the intention to be impolite - I have to say Luxembourg City could need more beautiful women and men :) Within 10 days I have just seen two girls who seemed to be really attractive. Where is all the youth of Luxembourg hiding??

Bus Drivers
Last week the bus driver drove past the bus stop, although a few people were waiting for him... But altogether, considering some talks to several bus drivers, I like most of them and am not annoyed like other people I have spoken to.
Hint: If you have a monthly season ticket you must validate it at the "stamp" machine. But as I could see nobody is really checking the date. They just look onto the ticket from far and that's it. But nevertheless, 22 Euro each month are not too much.

First I doubted that the Luxembourgians have fast food (thinking of the supermarkets' issue)... but they have at least two I could find in the city center with standard prices (and the meanwhile famous 1-Euro-Offer). ..."one Luxembourger please" :)

Attempt to walk from Cents-Hamm to the Airport
Yes, it was weekend and time to do something! But instead of going into the town, my colleague Milena and I went outside. We wanted to find a way throughout the forest directly to the airport. Our intention was to watch the planes from very close and to be able to take some nice pictures.
Just to say it in advance, we did not manage it and nearly lost the bottle! Why? Because there are unbelievable barriers... fences, fences, graveyards, military areas, jungle-like plants, spiders, the slopes, etc.
Ohh, and we forgot the map!

So believe me, if you plan to walk to a certain place and the way leads through the forest, take the bus!

Traffic Jams
In one of my previous entries I wrote about the high traffic in town, a lot of traffic jams, and many people in the buses.
Now, I know the cause: The country of Luxembourg employs about 110.000 people who commute every morning and evening!
In other words: Approximately 40 % of the employees are not Luxembourgians! About 53 % of the commuters come from France (Lorraine), 27 % from Belgium, 20 % from Germany.

That's all for today.

Sunny greetings,

PS: I nearly forgot to mention: Yes, it WAS and it IS RAINING! And there are just clouds. (I was told that one Maltese who worked in the European Parliament left after three weeks - just due to the weather. Isn't that funny?! :)

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