Now I like to present something which has nothing to do with Luxembourg, but... I worked out the information here :)

nebeprisikiskiakopusteliaudavome is a nice word. By the way the longest you can find in the Lithuanian language.

So please remember it and be polite if you meet a Lithuanian woman (or man). That would be really nice of you!

As you cannot find a translation in the net, I try to do it in the following, so please remember:


ne-be = no more

pri = full, enough (a prefix)

si = yourself (a reflexive pronoun)

kiskia = kiškis = rabbit

kopusteliau(ti) = kopūstas (cabbage), ėjau (went -> pluck)

davo- = often (but in the past because of the prefix 'da')
me = we (as a suffix)

The word "kiskio kopustas" describes the plant Oxalidaceae illustrated on the right side.

nebeprisikiškiakopūstėliaudavome ~ We were not anymore picking off rabbit-cabbage (Oxalidaceae) very often

you can eat it and it is sour...

In German it is called "Sauerkleegewächs" and in English "Oxalidaceae" like in French.

Many thanks and one of the biggest kisses to my lovely girl-friend Jūratėle. Even if we spent 50 minutes chatting to get the full interpretation :o*

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Anonymous said...

It means: We didn't get enough rabbit-cabbage in the forest.