Oktoberfest Here! (Private Entry)

Last week we got surprisingly an invitation of our neighbour that is called Siemens and situated opposite of our calm house ;)

They invited all residents of our street to their Oktoberfest. Starting 6pm. Closing 3am.

My Rumanian flatmate and I, we had nothing to do on Saturday evening (like all the other young people here in Luxembourg which I don't know) and decided to go there.

It was great! We enjoyed some young dirndls serving us Bavarian beer and food, listened to the harmonic folk music and the singers. We also enjoyed the man who was using a whip to give cracks into the air and thus producing beats for the music (crazy tradition).
In any case we stayed until 2.30 pm - after three-and-a-half "Maß" for everyone * and yep we were urged to leave :)

But the whole party was great!! It has been one of the best events I visited here - so far.

* "Maß" is one litre beer in a huge jar! By the way it has a female articel "die Maß" and is pronounced "Maas". The Bavarian got used to shout "a maas" what means "eine Maß". haha

Oktoberfest and Maß roughly like that:

And the people (were a mix of Luxembourgians, Germans/Bavarians, and some Portugueses)

Last but not least I dare to put a photo of me online with the beautiful hats we had to wear (don't laugh on me ;)

See you next time *poking all tongues out*

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