Utopolis Cinema

On Thursday I was going out and started with the cinema Utopolis that lies in the north west corner of Luxembourg.

It is amazing, red big seats, every person has his/her own place for the ellbows ;) and a THX sound system that thunders! Most of the films are shown in their original language plus subtitles in French, German, Spanish,...

I watched "Thank you for Smoking"- a typical American but completely funny story! Recommended ;)

You can visit the homepage of the cinema to get the latest news: Utopolis.

If you like to travel to the cinema, you can take the bus number 18 to the terminal. From there you can already see the building.

Within the building you can go shopping, and you will find a bar that is called "Coyote"... Happy hour cocktails cost 4 €, and non-alcoholic just 3 €. I drank "Baby Love" - delicious. (hej, I am not gay! :)

Moreover you can find next to the building Auchan, one of the biggest supermarkets in Luxembourg (comparable to Walmart).

Utopolis is of course not the only cinema in Luxembourg. An alternative would be:

Cinémathèque Municipale
17, place du Théâtre
Tél. 291259 / 4769-2644
(prefix 00352-)


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