Abbreviations used in European Parliament or Commission

European Union (EU) - Abbreviation List

All possible Abbreviations you might hear or read during your work:

ACP - Africa, Caribbean, Pacific
BEPG - Broad Economic Policy Guidelines
BEST - Benchmarking European Sustainable Transport
BXL - Bruxelles (fr), Brussels (en)
CAP - Common Agricultural Policy
CARDOC - Archives and Documentation Centre
CEC - Commission of the European Communities
CERN - Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucleaire
CFI - Court of First Instance of the European Communities
CFP - Common Fisheries Policy
CFSP - Common Foreign and Security Policy
CoE - Council of Europe
COM - Common organisation of agricultural markets
COM-ART - Artistic and Cultural Events within the European Parliament
COREU - CORespondance EUropéenne
CPE - Centre Polyvalent de l'Enfance
DEMOV - unité des demandes de déménagement
DIT - Directorate for Information Technologies
DG - Directorates-General
DSG - Disability Support Group
EbS - Europe by Satellite
EC - European Commission or European Community
ECB - European Central Bank
ECHR - European Convention on Human Rights
ECM - European Common Market
ECSC - European Coal and Steel Community
EEA - European Economic Area
EEA - European Environment Agency
EEC - European Economic Community
EES - European Employment Strategy
EESC - European Economic and Social Committee
EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management
EFTA - European Free Trade Association
EIDHR - European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights
EIB - European Investment Bank
EISS - European Intelligence Support System
EJN - European Judicial Network in criminal matters
ELTIS - European Local Transport Information Service
EMAS - Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
EP - European Parliament
EPC - European political cooperation
EPO - European Patent Office
EPOMM - European Platform On Mobility Management
EPSO - European Personnel Selection Office
ERA - European Research Area
ERDF - Regional Development Fund
ESA - European Space Agency
ES - European School
ESO - European Southern Observatory
ESDP - European Security and Defence Policy
EU-15 - refers to the European Union of 15 member states, before 2004
Euratom - European Atomic Energy Community
Europol - European Police Office
Eurostat - Statistical Office of the European Communities
EUUG - European Unix User Group
EWOS - European Workshop for Open Systems
FIFG - Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance
FURNIMOB - Unité de Mobilier
GBI - gestionnaire de biens inventoriés
GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms
ICARO - European Project on Car Pooling
IGC - Intergovernmental Conference
ISAF - International Security Assistance Force
ISPA - Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession
LUX - Luxembourg
MEP - Members of European Parliament
MOST - European project on mobility services for urban sustainability (mostly car sharing)
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NGOs - Non-governmental organisations
OIL - L'Office Infrastructures et Logistique Luxembourg
OJEC - Official Journal of the European Communities
OLAF - European Anti-fraud Office
OSCE - Organization for Security and Cooperation in European
PE - Parlement Européen
Phare - Programme of Community aid to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
Prospects projects - Procedures for Recommending Optimal Sustainable Planning of European City Transport Systems
PSC - Political and Security Committee
REACH - Regulatory Framework for Chemicals
SHT - Sécurité et Hygiène du Travail
SMEs - Small and medium-sized enterprises
STATUT - Internal Rules for employees
STOA - Scientific and Technological Options Assessment
STR - Strasbourg
TAIEX - Technical Assistance Information Exchange
TAPESTRY - Travel awareness publicity and education supporting a sustainable transport strategy in Europe
Toolbox - Toolbox for mobility management measures in companies
TEN - Trans-European Networks
UGITL - Unité Gestion Immobilière - Trois lieux
UPBT - Unité prévention et bien-être au travail
WEU - Western European Union
WHO - World Health Organization
WTO - World Trade Organisation
WG - "Working Groups"

Newshound = Internal News Service of the European Parliament

Abbrevations List of different kinds (not only EU related):

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Halli said...

ESA - no, not the Space Agency but EFTA Surveilance Authority.

Same as the Commission, but working on the EFTA states.

I'll be a trainee with the EFTA Court starting in September and I just wanted to say thanks for the info that's available here in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!You did a nice job. Thanks!