Accommodation & Housing

To find accommodation is one of the biggest problems for stagaires here, and not only for trainees but also for "normal" people.

Option A
As a trainee you have the opportunity to request a room list from the stagiaires' office. Then you can call all the landlords from the list and try to organise your room before you come to Luxembourg City.

Further information at the website of luxsol.info

Room prices are between 300 to 600 Euros. Most of the people I met payed 500 Euros!

If this is not possible, you can do the following:

Option B
Come to Luxembourg City, take a room in the Luxembourg City-Hostel (also called "Auberges de jeunesse Luxembourgeoises" located in 2, Rue du Fort Olisy) which costs 17 Euros / night. They provide 4 and 6 bed rooms. If you are here, just buy an appropriate newspaper and look for the studios & rooms to be rent. **

Article about the Hostel in the press (in German)

Option C
You try to find other trainees who will start in Luxembourg City before your internship begins, and you agree to rent a flat together (in community). This is the harder way but makes it definitely cheaper!

These links might help you:

This website for trainees http://luxsol.lun-atica.net offers a thread called "Accommodation in Luxembourg". Maybe you can find there some recent information or leave a request for a room. Good luck guys!

** How to get to the Youth Hostel:
"The youth hostel is situated in Pfaffenthal, just a few minutes walk away from the historical centre. The city centre (1 km), the train station (3 km) and the airport (6 km) can be reached by public buses." - use the map & do not forget, it is down in the valley!
"The suburbs Grund and Clausen with their many restaurants, caf├ęs and pubs are only 500 m away from the youth hostel."

PS: stagaire / trainee / intern - all synonyms used here

There are also a lot of Hotels in Luxembourg City but normally it is too expensive for students, charging 90 - 450 Euros per night. E. g. to rent a single room in the hotel "Mercure Centre Gare Hotel" situated directly at the gate costs 116 Euros!

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