Car Rental & Skype for Calling Mobiles

Ha, something incredible that I found out:

You can use Skype-Out to call Luxembourgish mobile phone numbers, what everyone knows, but have you known that it costs only 0,02 € each minute!

That is as cheap as a local call in Berlin!

Car Rental
Moreover I have got the information that you can rent a car Ford Fiesta at the airport, and you just pay 22 Euros each day of the weekend (Friday - Sunday). Company Hertz. This is a special offer for employees of the Parliament. But should be cheap for everyone else as well.

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Anonymous said...

You can do better: if you get a Tango SIM card with unlimited 3G Internet access, you pay 18 euro/month but you can Skype as long as your phone permits it:

- windows mobile: you have to use fring, skype no longer provides the program.
- iphone: can get skype in the AppStore
- symbian: skype is available

The 18euro/month covers Internet access INSIDE Luxembourg (careful with using it outside!). No permanence compromise either.