Italian Restaurant Fragolino

After work we decided to go to Grund into the Abbey Neumünster where a presentation of Italien writers took place. When it was finished they served wine and snacks; we enjoyed.

Being very hungry (without having diner so far) we decided to find a close restaurant. We past the Irish Pub in Grund at first. There we were told that they do not serve food after 21.30h anymore. So we asked several people and they told us the only chance to get food after 21.30h is to go to Fragolino.

This Italian restaurant is situated at the street that goes downwards to the valley, (should be still in Grund).

The address:
56-58, Montée de la Pétrusse
L-2327 Luxembourg/Grund
opened every day, except Monday + Saturday lunchtime
Website: Il Fragolino

We three people were welcomed very friendly inside the restaurant. The staff helped us out of the wet clothes; yes, surpisingly it was raining here in Luxembourg *ironic*!; and offered us a table. The restaurant was well visited.

We ordered a pizza each, prices around 8 - 10 Euros. Main dishes cost about 14 - 20 Euros. A bit expensive for us, but firstly we are in Luxembourg and secondly there was no other place where we could eat something.

Amusing and new for me:
My Brazilian colleague took the bottle of oil on the table and 'spreaded' about 100 ml of oil with a rotating movement over her whole pizza: "That's normal. In Brazil we do it always like that." she told me...
What she did not know: This oil was chili oil!
My Spanish colleague did it too, not having this information yet.

Later on it was a mess: Eating, laughing, and crying (of laughing and spice) :)

Fortunately we survived the evening (but everyone with a burning mouth).


I like this place, friendly staff and pleasant background music. I can recommend it.

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