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EuroYank said...

Why do you call EuroYank Discovering Luxembourg "more but LESS usefull?" That is not nice are you one of those Frenchmen with long noses in the air?

EuroYank said...

Since you consider my blog less useful take me off your list, I will take you off of mine. Since Discovering Luxembourg already has 25 thousand hits I do not need you INSULT!

Kajus said...

Sorry for this phrase, it was definitely not my intention to insult anybody.

By the way I am not French, hope you are not racist.

Nice to hear about the 25' keep on going, I hope you can help the people out there.

All the best,

EuroYank said...

Thank you. I put a lot of work into Discovering Luxembourg which is meant as a Tourist Site, and your blog is in the top position on the Blogroll. Forgive me being upset.