Mission to Brussels

Every trainee in the European Parliament is allowed to go on "mission". That means if you are here for 5 months you have the opportunity to go to Brussels and to Strasbourg, each for 2-3 days.

I have heard that some trainees had not much to do during their mission but I was completely involved in working and had hardly time to see the city of Brussels.

Travel from Luxembourg to Brussels
I used CFL's trains for that. It takes you about 3 hours. You go from Luxembourg Gare -> Arlon (Belgium) -> Brussels. Do not be irritated Brussels has three Main Stations: Brussels Nord/Noord, Brussels Central/e, Brussels Midi/Zuid (middle), and there is also one (100% mixing me up) called "Luxembourg-Brussels".

Anyway, you find a lot of information on Brussels in the Internet! Just search a bit ;)

E.g. the Belgish railway: NMBS

Accommodation, People, City, Traffic - Short Impressions
Since I had not much time I was not able to see much and my impressions are, I would say, poor. But I give you my facts: I was sleeping in a friends house (I met this friend in the Parliament) so I did not need to take a hotel or youth hostel, the city is very metropolitan, hectical, hectical traffic, but very beautiful as there are a lot of old and massive buildings. Funny thing: The tram drives also underground, looks really strange to see a tram in a big tunnel! I recommend you to go to Leonidas, this shop for pralines is great, absolutely yummy!

You can find the European institutions near the train station which is called "Schuman". There is also a roundabout with that name. This train station is located below the Berlaymont building.

Maybe the Wikipedia can provide you with more information: Buildings and structures in Brussels

* If you like to go deeper, try the book:
Live and Work in Brussels (ger) (en)

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