Trip to Metz (France) and Saarbrücken (Germany)

Last Friday, my Brasilian colleague Sylvia decided spontaneously to visit the concert of Ben Harper in the music hall Galaxie Amnéville in France, just 40 minutes by car from Luxembourg. So she hired a car for the whole weekend at the airport in the east of the city. For Saturday she invited me and our Italian friend Eleonora to come with her to explore the country/-ies. So we did :)

First we drove to Saarbruecken (Germany) in the south east of Luxembourg, distance: about 100 km, time: circa 1 hour.

Saarbruecken was full of people, and also young people, hej! They were preparing the Christmas session, and we started with a German "Gluehwein" (mulled wine). Then we explored the old city and entered a church. Furthermore we ate sausages + a steak with German mustard, later the evening we drunk cappuccino. Friendly people everywhere and not so quiet as in Luxembourg ;)

The tour to Metz (France) took place on the highway. We had to stop on a certain point with barriers where a friendly woman requested us to pay a highway fee to the France government because they do not provide freeways. I assume they refinance the highway with that money. Fortunately, that is not the case in Germany ... with their "no speed limits" "Autobahn" :)

Metz was really beautiful. A huge and wonderful cathedral, a theater with an impressive fascade, also an awesome Protestant church, etc. But we had bad luck because this Saturday was the 11 November, which is a feast day in Metz and its Surrounding (as well as in Belgium). They party the 11 November 1918 when the 1st World War found his official end. It is called the Armistice Day.

Every shop was closed. So we just could pass the shop-windows and look from outside. But we saw many nice things, e.g. Italian glass products, arts, an incredible wonderful chocolate shop (with CDs made of chocolate), a special wine shop etc.

The late evening we brought the car back to the car rental agency at the airport. The airport is tiny, just tiny! Only one restaurant (expensive), and a kiosk, but no other shop nor a takeaway or something similar. A friend told me that they want to extend it, I hope soon as it is a "European" airport!


Photos taken in Metz

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