Cinema in Luxembourg

This post aims to offer some information to those who like cinema. In Luxembourg City there are two main places for cinema: Utopolis and Utopia.

Utopolis is located in Kirchberg (Avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in front of Auchan, one of the most popular shopping centres in Luxembourg). To go there, just take bus number 18 and go down in the last stop. In Utopolis you can find 10 big rooms. Most commercial films are offered here. The majority of films in Luxembourg are Original Version with subtitles, usually in French and Dutch or German. The seats are quite comfortable and there's space enough for both arms at the same time (much better than in Spain)!

Utopia is smaller than Utopolis and films are less commercial, suitable for fans of independent cinema! If you want to go to Utopia ("Rue de la Faïencerie"), just go to the big parking Glacis (in Limperstberg and close to the Pescatore bus stop) and the cinema is just after the corner.

Tickets are quite expensive in Luxembourg. They cost 7.5 € and 6 € if you have a student card. But if you are really interested in cinema I can give you an advice: there is a cheaper way for cinema in Luxembourg. If you are less than 26, then get the EU-25 card and buy special tickets (ciné-cheque) in "Service de la jeunesse - Info-Jeunes". You can find it in place Guillaume II, 28 or just in front of the railway station ("La Gare") inside the Gallerie Kons. These special tickets cost 5 € each and you pay them in the "Service de Jeunesse". You can buy as many as you want, or just only one : ) Then you must go to the cinema's counter and give it to receive the real ticket. You will need to specify the film (of course!) and show your EU-25 card.

And that's all you have to know about cinemas in Luxembourg. Enjoy the film!!! ; )


Erezija said...

For those interested in older films, and in retrospectives of particular directors, The Cinematheque is the ticket. Two shows a day, at 3.70 EUR a head. Not bad, if you're a film buff bored with the usual Hollywood fare

Anonymous said...

About "Much better than Spain":

Have you been to some new cinemas in Madrid, like Kinepolis, or UGC Manoteras?

You cannot comment on a whole country based on a limited experience.