Kirchberg 3D - for Orientation

Hello everyone! Since it is difficult to orientate on the Kirchberg I did a 3d map with SketchUp. In the following you can click on the images to enlarge.

Hopefully, it will help you!

Blue buildings are active EU institutions. The two white buildings in the middle of the picture are the hotels Sofitel and Novotel. The skyscraper on the right (resp. in the south) is the ADG building (= Alcide De Gasperi) that was used in the past but now it is empty.

The white buildings in the end (the Court of Auditors) should be blue, but I forgot to color them :)

On Flickr I have uploaded about 100 photos of the buildings.
If you are intersted, have a look at: Kirchberg (Luxembourg) Photo Set

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