La fête des Vins et Crémants

From 30 November to 3 December 2006 the Vins & Crémants Party (Wine & Sparkling Wine Party) took place in Luxembourg City.

And we were part of it (the Brasilian-Italian-German-Trio). Buying a glass "de dégustation" for 5 Euros and trying a lot of different sorts of wine!


After one hour going from one stand to another, we were invited to join an official wine-testing which took place on a long table :)

It was absolutely funny, Mr 'Linden' was sitting next to us (one of the most important wine producers here, I was told). When we got the 5th glass, we couldn't stay anymore and left this nice place.

The wine testing was called "Les vins luxembourgeois peuvent très bien vieillir" and it was well entertained by Mr Prudhon de Vinissimo, Livange :)

Anyway, if you have the chance to be at the right time in Luxembourg, I strongly recommend you to visit this event. You will not regret it!

PS: I nearly forgot (shame on me): The best tasting wine was "Riesling Palmberg 2005" and the 2nd place "Gewürztraminer Göllebour 2005". Both produced by Domaine Viticole, >Max-Lahr et Fils< located in L-5401 Ahn.

... at least the best vines for me, very fruity ;)

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