Logo for 50th Birthday of the European Union

This is the (...) logo that was chosen on 17 October 2006 out of 1 701 proposals to present the 50th Birthday of our wonderful European Union:

Source: www.logo-competition.eu

But a survey showed that 70 % of the people do not like this logo!! Me either, how could they choose this one, I don't get it!

Discussions are controversal, not coherent...

Logo number 2 and 3 might have been a better choice..

6000 Euros for the first place may have been a mistake?

The reactions in the blog.sphere and in the media are not strong enough, I think. Just something like this:

Not everybody likes it, but they’re wrong. Artistically, politically, culturally, conceptually, it really communicates about Europe and Europeans today.

Even the BBC reports just good things!

Is it really excellent?
This seems to be one of those situations called "matter of taste".

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