Rondas in Luxembourg

If you are a trainee or if you are visiting Luxembourg, it can be a good idea to eat a pizza at Fragolino - best Italian restaurant in Grund and also the last to close on this area. Besides the delicious food you will feel comfortable to talk and spend some time with good friends and to be well served by nice Italians waiters.
Pizza there is really very good but you should take care because they serve olive's oil with a lot of hot pepper. Impossible!!!
As a general rule, ask olive's oil without pepper. A traditional pizza there is the best choice but they have also good dishes like pasta and risotto.

Knight Club in Foetz
Our first stop this evening! Besides the club is a big bowling centre. We stayed there till 23.30h and then we went to Knight Club. Unfortunately just a few people were visiting the Knight Club :( It has a nice stage with a fat music and light engine. The disco visitors are offered enough space and two cages on the stage. It provides you with drinks from a bar on the right. The music they played was also very 'delicious' for dancing, but without people on the dancefloor and just 20 around you, you do not go.
My suggestion: Check the website for BIG events and go if something is on fire.

Scott's Bar in Grund
Young, funny and animated people. Seems a very good place to single girls: lots of guys but we cannot breathe. The windows were closed and we left quickly.

Melusina in Grund
Funk , funk and funk
Entrance 7,50 Euros was okay, but a tiny glass of water for 3,50 Euros, as well as an apple juice for the same price, no thanks! Music was all the time Funky House, about half an hour Hip-Hop.

Check out the disco overview in this blog:
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Thanks for the support of Sylvia Maria Fonseca providing the rented car for that evening and the help to write this Ronda Blog-Entry :)

And thanks for the word "Ronda" that describes people who are driving around searching the right party... our destiny this special evening :)

"Is God Brazilian?"

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