Some recommendable Excursions from Luxembourg

I don't know if this will help somebody or not, but since I always repeat the same excursions for people coming to visit Luxembourg, I decided to write them down. Here they are:

- Trier (Germany): Kajus already wrote something about Trier - Beautiful Days in Trier (40 min away) - so I won't say anything. Just worthseeing! Don't miss it!!

- Nancy (France): Nancy is a French city situated at some 100 km away from Luxembourg. You can go by train (20 €) or just rent a car (Kajus already wrote that you can get a car in Hertz for only 20 or 30 € a day (unlimited km) just by showing your EU badge! : )
In Nancy you must visit the "Place Stanislas" (I think the most beautiful place I ever saw) (webcam), the "Place de la Carrière", the "Arc de Triomphe", the "Porte de la Craffe", the "Palais Ducal", the "Place et Basilique Saint-Epvre" and much more! You can find a lot of useful tourist information about Nancy in: www.ot-nancy.fr

- Bernkastel-Kues: There is a very nice excursion by car from Luxembourg, just following the river Moselle in Germany visiting the small towns to finally arrive in Bernkastel-Kues, a small village but very pitoresque! I really recommend you to visit it. If you can do it in December you will also enjoy the Christmas market. It's a place issu from a fairy tale! : )
More information: www.bernkastel.de

- Tour of Luxembourg castles. There are a lot of castles in Luxembourg (more than 20), but the most interesting are in my opinion those from Vianden, Beaufort and Bourgscheid. You can also find interesting castles in Esch-sur-Sûre (not Esch-sur-Alzette!!!) or Bourglinster.

The best way to visit the Luxembourgish castles is renting a car and plan your visits according to a map of the country. You can get more information on:

- Metz (France). In my opinion, Nancy is more interesting, but Metz has also some interesting things to visit, like the Cathedral or the river surroundings. Find more about Metz in: www.mairie-metz.fr

I would say these are the musts near Luxembourg. Of course, you can also go a little bit further into Germany, France or Belgium. It's up to you!
You can arrrange nice visits evey weekend if you and your friends rent a car together. That's one of the advantages of Luxembourg. It's in the heart of Europe!!!
Have fun : )

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