Uranami at Viking Bar

We decided to visit the concert of Uranami on Thursday, 7 dec.

On their website www.myspace.com/uranami you can listen to their hip-hop music!

It was really a big event! Okay, the visitors were maybe too quiet for Hip-Hoppers but summed up I must confess we were seeing a fantastic gig! They use gitarres for their music, too, and they rap in Italien language.

By the way some breakdancers showed us their turns to the music :)

The Viking Bar is not bad. 7 Euros for a Caipirinha, 3 to 4 Euros for a beer. Friendly people!

But the only thing: It's hard to find it! You may see the four flags from the street, but the pub is next to a big parking place, on the left, a bit hidden.

Anyway, we found it, could enjoy a concert for free, drunk slightly, and were happy!

Two photos:

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