Visit in d:qliq - Concert of The Isles

Thursday, 30 November, the Isles from the USA were in our town. The band is making BritPop music, and this not too bad. They had their gig in the small club called d:qliq.

Okay, the accustic was not particular good in the dqliq club, so we could not understand the lyrics. But we liked the rhythm and the sound in general.

The singer of the Isles is really great, singing all the time with a smile in his face!

The entrance was 10 Euros. It was a pity that they played just one song as bonus. The show was a bit too short, I would say.

I found out that it is really hard to dance to pop! So I prefer other kinds of music... For a relaxed evening it was convenient.

The band's website and their website on myspace. There you can download some stuff of the band.

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Sylvia said...

Additional Entry from my office team mate Sylvia:

Dqliq Bar
For music's lovers, like me, Dqliq music bar has an interesting programme. Every month a different artist. We - Sylvia, Bianca and Kai - passed there on Thursday night, 30 November, to hear "The Isles". A New York rock band whose style reminded us of the bands from the 80's like English rock The Smiths. The show was in the second floor and there were around 30 people what was very nice for me. It seems more intimate than rock presentation used to be.
The place is nice with young and different people. The only problem is the bar has nothing to eat. This is common here in Luxembourg. The bar is only for drinks. Since we came from job we were hungry, specially our friend Bianca. So, she left desperately to find something to eat. Advice: before go there eat something.