Now I like to present something which has nothing to do with Luxembourg, but... I worked out the information here :)

nebeprisikiskiakopusteliaudavome is a nice word. By the way the longest you can find in the Lithuanian language.

So please remember it and be polite if you meet a Lithuanian woman (or man). That would be really nice of you!

As you cannot find a translation in the net, I try to do it in the following, so please remember:


ne-be = no more

pri = full, enough (a prefix)

si = yourself (a reflexive pronoun)

kiskia = kiškis = rabbit

kopusteliau(ti) = kopūstas (cabbage), ėjau (went -> pluck)

davo- = often (but in the past because of the prefix 'da')
me = we (as a suffix)

The word "kiskio kopustas" describes the plant Oxalidaceae illustrated on the right side.

nebeprisikiškiakopūstėliaudavome ~ We were not anymore picking off rabbit-cabbage (Oxalidaceae) very often

you can eat it and it is sour...

In German it is called "Sauerkleegewächs" and in English "Oxalidaceae" like in French.

Many thanks and one of the biggest kisses to my lovely girl-friend Jūratėle. Even if we spent 50 minutes chatting to get the full interpretation :o*

As a Trainee in the EU Parliament

How your first day could be (in the EP, European Parliament):

In the beginning you might have problems in orientation and finding your building! Therefore I have prepared a small map for you:

Kirchberg - Small Map for Orientaton

When you arrive at the building and you enter you go straight to the "Accueil" (Reception) where all the security staff is. Then tell them in English, French or German that you are a trainee and this is your first day. Furthermore mention the name of your supervisor or the responsible for trainees (written down on the letter you have received from the EP as a confirmation for the internship, yep, you can also show the letter).
Afterwards, if everything is okay, they will take a photo of you and print it on an identity card (access card) which allows you to enter the building.

After you have gone to the person who is in charge of the trainees, he or she will give you a couple of forms to sign. After that procedure and some instructions you should go to Reception Service where you get a reduction card for the canteen.

You will be shown your office by your supervisor or other colleagues and introduced into different procedures in the European Parliament, and maybe you socialise with employees of other divisions a bit (but, okay, not on the first day).

I recommend you to do a little Welcome's party with other stagiaires (trainees) you know. Invite all people that you work with. That is a wonderful thing to have a good start...

Information on the Access Card:
Please pay attention. It is not allowed for trainees to re-enter the building again if you have left it after 5.30 pm (Fridays even 1.30pm!). That can cause big problems e. g. if you go to the supermarket and you like to get in again.

For the period of your traineeship you have to pass the security access (as it is in the airport), and you should always wear your access card (badge) within the building.

The canteens:
You can eat in the KAD Building (Konrad Adenauer) or in the Court of Justice (Building C or T). But my recommendation is KAD since they have the cheapest prices and the most delicious dishes as I think personally.

All the people I met here are very friendly and helping whenever you need help! There are very rare exceptions that are not (maybe one out of hundred). Try to speak French, and if not suitable English will be the next choice. I for example do never use my German mother tongue although I could.


Beer Testing in Letze.beer.g

I have the pleasure to possess some freetime in the evening, during the week. Trying to be creative with what I have got here, I thought it would be a great idea to test the beers available.

No sooner said than done!

The results:

Beer Testing

„Le savoureux secret du Luxembourg“
- depuis 1764
- Lager Pils
- www.bofferding.lu

- 1st candidate to be tested
- I was curious and opened it slowly but suddenly the beer splashed around
- of course also on my laptop, whose screen I had to clean afterwards
- alcohol: 4,8 %
- slightly dry, tastes too simple (more water than beer) and you think it would be brewed for tramps
- judgement: 3 of 10 points

Chimay Trappist
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 8,0 %
- www.chimay.com

- liquid is not clear, you cannot look through
- strong and herb
- rating of 6 of 10 points

DAB Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei
- Germany
- Premium German Lager
- „The Beer of World Fame“
- alcolhol: 5,0 %
- www.dab.de

- I am German but have never heard of that beer!
- smells nice and the taste remembers me of a beer from Gran Canaria, what actually means it is a beer for party
- but the overall taste is too weak I think
- rating of 8 of 10 points

Gambrinus Battin
“Beier wei freier”
- Luxembourgish
- alcolhol: 5,2 %
- www.gambrinus.lu

- colour of beer is a warm yellow like the colour of the can
- a bit malt inside, pleasant, but after the 3rd swallow I thought more than half a litre would be too much ;)
- in the end I was surprised that it tasted better than in the beginning
- rating of 8 of 10 points (actually just 7 but I like the colour)

“ Abdijbier - Bière d’Abbaye”
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 6,7 %
- www.grimbergenbier.be

- warm colour
- first “idea” is great, it is also a bit sweet, but the taste after is a bit too flushy
- rating of 6 of 10 points

Haute Yutz
- France, Ueberach
- „Biere de l’agriculture biologique“
- alcolhol: 4,8 %
- no website

- the most expensive beer of all beers that I have listed here (more than double-priced!)
- tastes like water and sparkles like sprite
- rating of 4 of 10 points

“Witbier-bière blanche”
- alcolhol: 4,9 %
- no website

- colour similar to the colour of fanta or maybe urin
- the smell lies between Kristallweizen or a plant
- disgusting
- There really exist some people who like the beer: www.ciao.de
- it is in no way of my favour sorry...
- easy to rate… 1 of 10 points

“Export Beer ”
- “from the oldest brewery in northern europe”
- Finish
- since 1819
- alcolhol: 5,2 %
- www.koff.fi

- yummy, dry but not too strong, a bit spicy
- after 2nd and 3rd try it was not sooo special but still okay
- a rating of 8 of 10 points with one eye closed

“Beier wei freier”
- Belgium
- since 1791
- alcolhol: 8,0 %
- www.bestbelgianspecialbeers.be

- colour like liquid honey
- sweet, and the after-taste is a bit sour
- not for drinking in masses
- rating of 6 of 10 points

Lapin Kulta Premium
“Lager Bier“
- Finish
- alcohol: 5,2 %
- www.lapinkulta.fi

- opening was perfect, foam came up a bit but was not touching the head of the can.
- smells like nothing
- taste is sweet for a beer, very light but delicious
- hard to rate… 7 of 10 points

- Belgique
- „Abbaye de Leffe“
- anno 1240
- alcolhol: 6,6 %
- www.leffe.be

- not so good, strong taste but not so pleasant
- rating of 4 of 10 points

Martin’s Pale Ale
- Belgium
- since 1909
- www.anthonymartin.be

- alcolhol: 5,8 %
- I drunk it quickly
- not one of the best but you can drink a lot of them
- rating of 6 of 10 points

St Benoit
“Bière d’Abbaye - Abdijbier ”
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 6,3 %
- no website
- blond beer
- sparkles in your mouth and on your tongue
- too lax, not herb
- not as bad as Hoegaarden but a bit similar
- rating of 4 of 10 points

And the winners are:

“Brewed and Canned in Belgium”
- Bruxelles, Belgium
- alcolhol: 5,2 %
- www.jupilerleague.nl

- dry, masculine
- drinkable, pleasant, good for your mouth ;)
- slightly soft in the end..
- Jupiler is the main sponsor of Belgium’s 1st Football Division
- rating of 9 of 10 points

Jupiler Blue
“Biere Blonde”
- Belgium
- alcolhol: 3,3 %
- www.jupilerleague.be

- “La Jupiler Blue est à température idéale quand le flcon est bleu. »
- The white « flocon » (a snowflake) is on the can, that’s really cool!
- not particular dry, slight beer, pleasant
- It is not strong but tasty, I like it :)
- rating of 9 of 10 points

Diekirch Premium
- Belgium
- since 1871
- alcolhol: 4,8 %
- www.diekirchleague.lu

- wow, kind of sweet but not to much, very pleasant
- the smell is also nice, what a pity that I had just one
- rating of 9 of 10 points

And no, I was not paid for that...

By the way, there are more and more beers to get but I got fed up with testing. I found out that it is really a pleasure just to enjoy, without documenting anything.

Maybe you would like to ask me where I got so many different beers? The answer: Since I am a trainee in the European Parliament I can go shopping in the EU supermarket. But I guess that you can buy more than the half of the beer also in Luxembourg's supermarkets Auchan or Cactus.

In the net there is a database for a lot of beers:
but forget the webdesign...


Inform yourself - Useful Links @Internet

Information Base
A nice website providing much information: www.ont.lu

Also a bunch of information (but just in French and German):



Tourist Office
Tourist Office Luxembourg City: www.lcto.lu
Tourist Office @uk website: www.luxembourg.co.uk
they are also providing some photos of Luxembourg's sightseeings

Cultural Events (Theatre, Cinema, etc.)
Agenda: www.luxembourg-city.lu/Agenda-id-3972898.html

Philharmonie: http://www.philharmonie.lu

Cinema Utopolis: http://www.utopolis.lu

Events in Luxembourg and surroundings

Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’Art Contemporain

Night of the Museums: www.nuit-des-musees.lu


Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (Mudam)

Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

Musée national d’histoire et d’art

Musée national d’histoire naturelle

Musée Viticole et Folklorique « A Possen »


Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

Théâtre d’Esch, Esch-sur-Alzette

Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Luxembourg Merl

Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg, Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

Théâtre du Centaure «Am Dierfgen», Luxembourg

Kasemattentheater « Saal Tun Deutsch »

Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette

Centre des Arts pluriels Ed. Juncker Ettelbruck

Centre de Création, Choréographique Luxembourgeois

Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN), Luxembourg-Grund

I recommend very much the Abbey in the valley “Grund”.

Found later on:


Logo for 50th Birthday of the European Union

This is the (...) logo that was chosen on 17 October 2006 out of 1 701 proposals to present the 50th Birthday of our wonderful European Union:

Source: www.logo-competition.eu

But a survey showed that 70 % of the people do not like this logo!! Me either, how could they choose this one, I don't get it!

Discussions are controversal, not coherent...

Logo number 2 and 3 might have been a better choice..

6000 Euros for the first place may have been a mistake?

The reactions in the blog.sphere and in the media are not strong enough, I think. Just something like this:

Not everybody likes it, but they’re wrong. Artistically, politically, culturally, conceptually, it really communicates about Europe and Europeans today.

Even the BBC reports just good things!

Is it really excellent?
This seems to be one of those situations called "matter of taste".


Oktoberfest Here! (Private Entry)

Last week we got surprisingly an invitation of our neighbour that is called Siemens and situated opposite of our calm house ;)

They invited all residents of our street to their Oktoberfest. Starting 6pm. Closing 3am.

My Rumanian flatmate and I, we had nothing to do on Saturday evening (like all the other young people here in Luxembourg which I don't know) and decided to go there.

It was great! We enjoyed some young dirndls serving us Bavarian beer and food, listened to the harmonic folk music and the singers. We also enjoyed the man who was using a whip to give cracks into the air and thus producing beats for the music (crazy tradition).
In any case we stayed until 2.30 pm - after three-and-a-half "Maß" for everyone * and yep we were urged to leave :)

But the whole party was great!! It has been one of the best events I visited here - so far.

* "Maß" is one litre beer in a huge jar! By the way it has a female articel "die Maß" and is pronounced "Maas". The Bavarian got used to shout "a maas" what means "eine Maß". haha

Oktoberfest and Maß roughly like that:

And the people (were a mix of Luxembourgians, Germans/Bavarians, and some Portugueses)

Last but not least I dare to put a photo of me online with the beautiful hats we had to wear (don't laugh on me ;)

See you next time *poking all tongues out*


Luxembourg City at Night

On Wednesday I wanted to meet some people in the pub "Liquid" where a little jazz band was supposed to play live music.

During my walk to that place I took the opportunity to shoot some photos of the nightly landscape.

Enjoy :)

The liquid was really crowdy. A lot of middle-aged people were chatting and socialising. A location that's not too bad.


Long Promenade on Sunday

On Sunday, I took the time to take a walk in the beautiful forest next to Itzen, it is in the south-east of Luxembourg City:

Unfortunately I lost my way and instead of one pleasant hour it became three long long hours :)
But the nature I saw was really nice and the hours were worthy it.

Automn shows its face, and he does it unbelievable elegant...


Football Match of Racing FC Union Letzebeurg

Racing FC Union Letzebeurg vs. FC Etzella Ettelbrück, on Sunday

Do not ask me why the football clubs here have such strange and long names. Maybe it is a tradition?!

Anyway. The football they played last Sunday, on 2006-10-15, was quite attractive.

The stadion is about 5 foot minutes away from the Main Station (la "Gare"). You can see it on the map, it is in Bongeschgewang, surrounded by Rue Lavoisier and Rue Auguste Lumière.

I took some photos of the match. One of the players got an egg-shot ;) and could not stand up for some minutes... poor guy (but he is well paid for this job). ... 2nd picture shows the tribune ... 3rd the end of the game:

Racing FC won 2:1 in the end (really gained through effort!).


Utopolis Cinema

On Thursday I was going out and started with the cinema Utopolis that lies in the north west corner of Luxembourg.

It is amazing, red big seats, every person has his/her own place for the ellbows ;) and a THX sound system that thunders! Most of the films are shown in their original language plus subtitles in French, German, Spanish,...

I watched "Thank you for Smoking"- a typical American but completely funny story! Recommended ;)

You can visit the homepage of the cinema to get the latest news: Utopolis.

If you like to travel to the cinema, you can take the bus number 18 to the terminal. From there you can already see the building.

Within the building you can go shopping, and you will find a bar that is called "Coyote"... Happy hour cocktails cost 4 €, and non-alcoholic just 3 €. I drank "Baby Love" - delicious. (hej, I am not gay! :)

Moreover you can find next to the building Auchan, one of the biggest supermarkets in Luxembourg (comparable to Walmart).

Utopolis is of course not the only cinema in Luxembourg. An alternative would be:

Cinémathèque Municipale
17, place du Théâtre
Tél. 291259 / 4769-2644
(prefix 00352-)



Beautiful Days in Trier (40 min away)

Trier! One of the oldest towns in whole good old Germany. It is about 50 km away from Luxembourg City and easy to reach by train and by car.

The best and relaxed way to travel is to buy a a daily ticket ("Tagesticket") that can be used to go from Luxembourg City to Trier and return. It costs only 8,40 €.

In the following you can find a flyer in German for download (as pdf): Informative Flyer of CFL

Picture of CFL Railway Company
CFL is the name of Luxembourg's railway company

useful for commuters: Monthly Season Ticket Oekocard
1st class: 112,50 € each month & 2nd class: 75,00 € each month

Federweißer and Zwiebelkuchen
These are specialities you can find in Trier. Federweißer is a fermenting grape must. It is available from early September to late October, and is generally served together with savoury food. Zwiebelkuchen is a one-crust pie made of steamed onion, diced bacon, cream, and caraway seed on a yeast dough.



Porta Nigra

Market place

Discovered: Oldest Pharmacy in Germany

Dome of Trier

Weinstube Kesselstatt
Next to the Dome of Trier you can find the wine tavern Kesselstatt. There we drank spritzer ("Weinschorle") as well as wine and ate 2 pieces of Zwiebelkuchen, in total for 13 €. They have dozens of wines to offer.
Believe me, the tavern looks awesome!! Very romantic and a relaxing atmosphere.

Map of Sightseeings

You can get a very useful map of Trier for free if you are at one of its sights!

I recommend the "Kombi-Ticket Trier" that costs 6,20 € and is valid for the entry to Amphitheater, Porta Nigra, Imperial Baths ("Kaiserthermen"), Bath at the Viehmarkt ("Viehmarktthermen"), Klause, and Roman Villa Otrang. It is valid for one year and introduced by Rheinland-Pfalz Burgen, Schlösser, Altertümer.

Nice and friendly. We met a lot of open minded people. Our "host father" became also our buddy, although he did not know us before we were allowed to spend the night in his house!

Public Transport
Still a problem. Few buses, some just every hour, or never on weekends... The train station is small and sympathic. Trains to Koblenz, Luxembourg, Colonia, etc.

Very sunny when we were there!

Links that help you:
- Videos about the Sightseeings
- Official Homepage of the town
- Trier's complete City Map (Java and Javascript needed)

I liked the days in Trier very much!
And I also like to recommend that beautiful town to everyone out there ;)