Information besides / Divers

Very few bikers here. Bicycling is announced as dangerous, because of the heavy traffic on the streets and a lack of bicycle pathes.

Café Crème
Cultural stuff

"Kultur in der Großregion"
Culture in the grand region

RTL Luxembourg
Radio and Television, well known in Germany

City Night Bus
Friday and Saturday 22h00 - 3h00
1 bus every 15 min

Public Transport in Lux, Buses & Trains
vdl.lu and www.autobus.lu

Nightlife Magazin for Luxembourg

The Luxembourgish Spuerkees (Bank) is doing commercials for a special card and they are using an absolutely funny figure for that:


Phone books

Information on Luxembourg (government, tourism, transport...)

Photos taken in Luxembourg
stored in Flickr
stored in luxembourg.co.uk

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Our Blog "Experiences in Luxembourg City" is mentioned in:

Thanks for that ;)

City Sightseeing / Lux City Tour

in English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Japanese.

hop on hop off
Luxembourg City Tour Bus

Adults 12 Euros
Students 10 Euros
Children 6 Euros

Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 - 16.00
every 30 minutes

Bus stops:
Constitution Square (Notre-Dame cathedral)
Grand-Ducal Palace (Wiliam II Square)
Old Town (St Michael’s Church)
City Gardens (Av. de la Porte Neuve)
Kirchberg Plateau (Thüngen Fortress)
Auchan Shopping Mall (Finance district)
City Gardens (Av. de la Porte Neuve)
Central Station (bus stop platform 7 AVL)

Website for more information:

Taxi Calls

If you need a taxi. I found the follwing companies:

Colux Taxi
phone (00352)482233

Benelux Taxi
phone (00352)403840

Complete List of Taxis :

I do not know much about the prices but I was told that Luxembourgish taxis do charge enough.

National Library, Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg

I found it searching some philosophic literature:

Homepage of the National Library
Search a book in the Library

They provide the reader with international books, a nice database!!

Some further information on Libraries (in German):
Bibliothekswesen in Luxemburg

And moreover a listing of Luxembourgish writers (in German too):
Liste luxemburgischer Schriftsteller


Italian Restaurant Fragolino

After work we decided to go to Grund into the Abbey Neumünster where a presentation of Italien writers took place. When it was finished they served wine and snacks; we enjoyed.

Being very hungry (without having diner so far) we decided to find a close restaurant. We past the Irish Pub in Grund at first. There we were told that they do not serve food after 21.30h anymore. So we asked several people and they told us the only chance to get food after 21.30h is to go to Fragolino.

This Italian restaurant is situated at the street that goes downwards to the valley, (should be still in Grund).

The address:
56-58, Montée de la Pétrusse
L-2327 Luxembourg/Grund
opened every day, except Monday + Saturday lunchtime
Website: Il Fragolino

We three people were welcomed very friendly inside the restaurant. The staff helped us out of the wet clothes; yes, surpisingly it was raining here in Luxembourg *ironic*!; and offered us a table. The restaurant was well visited.

We ordered a pizza each, prices around 8 - 10 Euros. Main dishes cost about 14 - 20 Euros. A bit expensive for us, but firstly we are in Luxembourg and secondly there was no other place where we could eat something.

Amusing and new for me:
My Brazilian colleague took the bottle of oil on the table and 'spreaded' about 100 ml of oil with a rotating movement over her whole pizza: "That's normal. In Brazil we do it always like that." she told me...
What she did not know: This oil was chili oil!
My Spanish colleague did it too, not having this information yet.

Later on it was a mess: Eating, laughing, and crying (of laughing and spice) :)

Fortunately we survived the evening (but everyone with a burning mouth).


I like this place, friendly staff and pleasant background music. I can recommend it.

Luxembourgish Forums & Blogs on the web

Maybe you need the information provided of other users:

Forum of "Ville de Luxembourg"

Forum Community Luxembourg

The frontiers (commuters)

* * * * * * * *

More Blogs:
EuroYank Discovering Luxembourg
Dutched Pinay

German Travel-Experience on ciao.de


One time I have to mention the Eldoradio that I listen every morning here in Luxembourg. They talk all the time in Luxembourgish, which sounds sometimes funny and sometimes interesting (a German like me can understand more than 50 % depending on the topic).


There you can also find a live stream.

The music they play resp. their playlists are great! I enjoy it every morning... and it was great listening to it in a car (together with my flatmate) when we were going to Trier and back at night, seeing our world's wonderful horizon :)

Check out their events: www.eldoradio.lu/events/eventpics/

as well as their Event Agenda: www.eldoradio.lu/events/agenda/


Swimming Bath in Town (in French "Piscine")

With my flatmate I was visiting the "Badanstalt" in the center (12, Rue des Bains). Quite nice on Sundays. Old people mostly and not overcrowed, recommendable!

Here comes the whole Listing of Swimming Baths in Luxembourg City:

Piscine Municipale du Centre ("Badanstalt")
12, Rue des Bains in L-1212 Luxembourg (phone 47 96 25 50)
Opening Hours: Mon: Closed, Tues-Sat: 8.00 - 21.30h, Sun: 8.00 - 12.00h

Piscine Municipale de Bonnevoie
30, Rue Sigismond in L-2537 Luxembourg (phone 47963471)
2 bassins, closed on Wednesday

The big sports centre on Kirchberg that looks like a gigantic shell provides the people with a swimming bath:
Centre Aquatique de la Coque
2, Rue Léon Hengen in L-1745 Luxembourg/Kirchberg (phone 43 60 60 333), Website: www.coque.lu or www.center.lu
3 bassins, Swim Cours for children, Babyswimming ;)

And another swimming pool outside the city in Bettembourg: www.an-der-schwemm.lu. As well as one in Esch-sur-Alzette: www.esch.lu and one in Mondorf-les-Bains: www.mondorf.lu

Listings of further Simming Baths in whole Luxembourg:

* * * * * *

Besides, they also have a "skate-park" in the State of Luxembourg:
Hollerich Rue de l'Abattoir

Hall of 500 m2 with half-pipes etc. and outside.

Skater Association Luxembourg: phone (00352)629658


Mission to Brussels

Every trainee in the European Parliament is allowed to go on "mission". That means if you are here for 5 months you have the opportunity to go to Brussels and to Strasbourg, each for 2-3 days.

I have heard that some trainees had not much to do during their mission but I was completely involved in working and had hardly time to see the city of Brussels.

Travel from Luxembourg to Brussels
I used CFL's trains for that. It takes you about 3 hours. You go from Luxembourg Gare -> Arlon (Belgium) -> Brussels. Do not be irritated Brussels has three Main Stations: Brussels Nord/Noord, Brussels Central/e, Brussels Midi/Zuid (middle), and there is also one (100% mixing me up) called "Luxembourg-Brussels".

Anyway, you find a lot of information on Brussels in the Internet! Just search a bit ;)

E.g. the Belgish railway: NMBS

Accommodation, People, City, Traffic - Short Impressions
Since I had not much time I was not able to see much and my impressions are, I would say, poor. But I give you my facts: I was sleeping in a friends house (I met this friend in the Parliament) so I did not need to take a hotel or youth hostel, the city is very metropolitan, hectical, hectical traffic, but very beautiful as there are a lot of old and massive buildings. Funny thing: The tram drives also underground, looks really strange to see a tram in a big tunnel! I recommend you to go to Leonidas, this shop for pralines is great, absolutely yummy!

You can find the European institutions near the train station which is called "Schuman". There is also a roundabout with that name. This train station is located below the Berlaymont building.

Maybe the Wikipedia can provide you with more information: Buildings and structures in Brussels

* If you like to go deeper, try the book:
Live and Work in Brussels (ger) (en)


EU Members - Population - Contribution

In the following I dared to copy from the German Wikipedia and just translated a bit; date 2006-11-23. The list gives a good overview about the members of the EU!

Member StatePopulation (in million)Contrib. to EU budget (mio. Euros)
Deutschland Germany82,421.313
Frankreich France59,616.888
Italien Italy57,313.996
Vereinigtes Königreich United Kingdom59,312.339
Spanien Spain41,68.901
Niederlande Netherlands16,25.412
Belgien Belgium10,44.091
Schweden Sweden8,92.817
Polen Poland38,22.367
Österreich Austria8,12.209
Dänemark Denmark5,42.066
Griechenland Greece11,01.848
Finnland Finland5,21.512
Portugal Portugal10,51.385
Irland Ireland4,01.366
Tschechien Czech Republic10,2999
Ungarn Hungary10,1896
Slowakei Slovakia5,4382
Slowenien Slovenia2,0285
Luxemburg Luxembourg0,4238
Litauen Lithuania3,5211
Republik Zypern Cyprus0,7157
Lettland Latvia2,3126
Estland Estonia1,499
Malta Malta0,451

Statistics: 2005

In 2007 Rumania and Bulgaria will be new members of the EU!

I used the statistics and calculated the Contribution per head (inhabitant), here are the results:

Member StateContrib. to EU budget (Euros per Inhabitant)
Denmark 382,59
United Kingdom208,08
Czech Republic97,94

Restaurant of the FOYER EUROPEEN

I visited this restaurant (which is supposed to be only for people of the European Institutions) just one time until now. The interieur is not overwhelming but the meals are very tasty. A salad costs about 8 to 10 Euros, but it is worthy because you are offered a 'stylistic' salad like in a posh restaurant. Be aware that you you have to make a reservation in advance!

In the 2nd floor they have an attractive bar.

The restaurant of the Foyer Européen
12, rue Heine

This restaurant-brasserie is open every evening from Monday to Friday, from 18.00 to 00.30, except for the public holidays. It is open to staff in active employment and retired staff, and their families and friends (staff cards must be shown at the entrance to the restaurant, except for invited guests).

The evening restaurant, conceived as a place of welcome for the staff of the European Institutions and a place to facilitate the integration of colleagues from the new Member States, is open.

Whether you want a toasted sandwich and a beer after a show, or to enjoy a tasty meal, the 60 places at tables and 10 seats at the bar provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Opening hours: from 18.00 to 00.30

Last order from the kitchen: 22.00
Last order for light snacks: 23.00
Last order from the bar: 00.00

Abbreviations used in European Parliament or Commission

European Union (EU) - Abbreviation List

All possible Abbreviations you might hear or read during your work:

ACP - Africa, Caribbean, Pacific
BEPG - Broad Economic Policy Guidelines
BEST - Benchmarking European Sustainable Transport
BXL - Bruxelles (fr), Brussels (en)
CAP - Common Agricultural Policy
CARDOC - Archives and Documentation Centre
CEC - Commission of the European Communities
CERN - Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucleaire
CFI - Court of First Instance of the European Communities
CFP - Common Fisheries Policy
CFSP - Common Foreign and Security Policy
CoE - Council of Europe
COM - Common organisation of agricultural markets
COM-ART - Artistic and Cultural Events within the European Parliament
COREU - CORespondance EUropéenne
CPE - Centre Polyvalent de l'Enfance
DEMOV - unité des demandes de déménagement
DIT - Directorate for Information Technologies
DG - Directorates-General
DSG - Disability Support Group
EbS - Europe by Satellite
EC - European Commission or European Community
ECB - European Central Bank
ECHR - European Convention on Human Rights
ECM - European Common Market
ECSC - European Coal and Steel Community
EEA - European Economic Area
EEA - European Environment Agency
EEC - European Economic Community
EES - European Employment Strategy
EESC - European Economic and Social Committee
EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management
EFTA - European Free Trade Association
EIDHR - European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights
EIB - European Investment Bank
EISS - European Intelligence Support System
EJN - European Judicial Network in criminal matters
ELTIS - European Local Transport Information Service
EMAS - Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
EP - European Parliament
EPC - European political cooperation
EPO - European Patent Office
EPOMM - European Platform On Mobility Management
EPSO - European Personnel Selection Office
ERA - European Research Area
ERDF - Regional Development Fund
ESA - European Space Agency
ES - European School
ESO - European Southern Observatory
ESDP - European Security and Defence Policy
EU-15 - refers to the European Union of 15 member states, before 2004
Euratom - European Atomic Energy Community
Europol - European Police Office
Eurostat - Statistical Office of the European Communities
EUUG - European Unix User Group
EWOS - European Workshop for Open Systems
FIFG - Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance
FURNIMOB - Unité de Mobilier
GBI - gestionnaire de biens inventoriés
GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms
ICARO - European Project on Car Pooling
IGC - Intergovernmental Conference
ISAF - International Security Assistance Force
ISPA - Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession
LUX - Luxembourg
MEP - Members of European Parliament
MOST - European project on mobility services for urban sustainability (mostly car sharing)
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NGOs - Non-governmental organisations
OIL - L'Office Infrastructures et Logistique Luxembourg
OJEC - Official Journal of the European Communities
OLAF - European Anti-fraud Office
OSCE - Organization for Security and Cooperation in European
PE - Parlement Européen
Phare - Programme of Community aid to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
Prospects projects - Procedures for Recommending Optimal Sustainable Planning of European City Transport Systems
PSC - Political and Security Committee
REACH - Regulatory Framework for Chemicals
SHT - Sécurité et Hygiène du Travail
SMEs - Small and medium-sized enterprises
STATUT - Internal Rules for employees
STOA - Scientific and Technological Options Assessment
STR - Strasbourg
TAIEX - Technical Assistance Information Exchange
TAPESTRY - Travel awareness publicity and education supporting a sustainable transport strategy in Europe
Toolbox - Toolbox for mobility management measures in companies
TEN - Trans-European Networks
UGITL - Unité Gestion Immobilière - Trois lieux
UPBT - Unité prévention et bien-être au travail
WEU - Western European Union
WHO - World Health Organization
WTO - World Trade Organisation
WG - "Working Groups"

Newshound = Internal News Service of the European Parliament

Abbrevations List of different kinds (not only EU related):

Feel free to add abbrevations in your comments, that would be nice, thanks ;)

European Parliament Addresses

Official posting addresses

Plateau du Kirchberg
BP 1601

rue Wiertz 60
BP 1047

allée du Printemps
BP 1024/F

EP buildings in Luxembourg:

Robert Schuman
Place de l'Europe
L-2929 Luxembourg

Rue Eugène Ruppert 21
L-1882 Gasperich

Tour A
Boulevard Kennedy
L-2929 Luxembourg

Tour B
Boulevard Kennedy
L-2929 Luxembourg

Konrad Adenauer
Rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-2929 Luxembourg

Senningerberg warehouse
8, Z.I. Beedewues
L-1259 Senningerberg

EP buildings in Brussels:

Paul-Henri Spaak
rue Wiertz
B 1040 Brussels

Altiero Spinelli
rue Wiertz 60
B 1040 Brussels

Atrium I & II
Rue d'ardenne 2
B 1000 Brusssels

Rue Belliard 81-93
B 1000 Brussels

Montoyer 63
Rue Montoyer 63 - Rue d'Arlon 54
B 1000 Brussels

Montoyer 70
Rue Montoyer 70
B 1000 Brussels

Montoyer 75
Rue Montoyer 75
B 1000 Brussels

Rue Belliard 135
B 1040 Brussels

WIERTZ (2nd & 3th floor)
Rue Wiertz 30-50
B 1000 Brussels

Rue Wayenberg 75
B 1050 Bruxelles

EP buildings in Strasbourg:

Louise Weiss
Allée du Printemps
F 67070 Strasbourg

Winston Churchill IPE1
Avenue du Président Robert Schuman
F 67070 Strasbourg

Salvador de Madariaga IPE2
Avenue du Président Robert Schuman
F 67070 Strasbourg

Allée Spach
F 67070 Strasbourg

I hope I could help you with those information, feel free to post comments or to ask questions!


The Mysterious Maiden Mélusine

Source of Data: http://www.gowealthy.com/article/1773/index.asp
The legend of Melusine! .)

Mélusine is said to have been the wife of the founder of Luxembourg, Count Siegfried. When they married, she requested Siegfried to leave her alone for one full day and night every month, and that he should not ask or try to find out what she was doing. Siegfried accepted this wish, and all went well for years. On the first Wednesday of the month, Mélusine would retire into her chambers in the "casemates", a network of caverns underneath the city, not to be seen again until early light on Thursday.
But one day, Siegfried's curiosity got the better of him. Wondering what his wife might be doing alone all the time, he peeped through the keyhole, and was shocked to see that Mélusine was lying in the bathtub, with a fishtail hanging over the rim. Realizing that her husband had come to know the truth about her, she jumped out of the window into the river Alzette below, never to be seen again. Every now and then, people claim to have seen a beautiful girl's head pop out of the river, and a fishtail rippling the calm waters of the river Alzette.

According to another legend, Mélusine is imprisoned within the rock that helped form Luxembourg City's tremendous defenses. She passes the time by knitting, but thankfully she manages only one stitch each year because should she finish her knitting before she's released, all of Luxembourg and its people will vanish into the rock with her!
Once every 7 years, Mélusine returns, either as a serpent with a golden key in its mouth or as a beautiful woman. All it will take to win her freedom is for some brave soul to kiss the womanly vision or take the key from the serpent's mouth. That brave soul has yet to appear, and in the meantime Luxembourg prays for her to drop a stitch or two so that whatever it is she's knitting will take a very long time to complete!

Golfing in Luxembourg

Source of Data: http://www.gowealthy.com/article/426/index.asp
I took the information from the above website. Please visit for updated information :)

Golf-Club Grand-Ducal
It is a 18-hole course where players must be members of an official Golf Club. The rates vary between Flux 1500.and Flux 2000 on weekdays and holidays.
1, route de Trèves
L - 2633 Senningerberg
T352340090-1, F352348391.

Golf De Clervaux
The Clervaux Golf Club is situated just outside the town on the "Eselborn" height, and offers stunning views of the town and the surrounding hills. It is an 18-hole course where players must be members of an official Golf Club. The course is 6.2 km (3.8 miles) long and covers an area of 80 hectares, offering unique challenges to the experienced player and beginner alike. The club is unique among Luxembourg's courses in offering golf cars for rent which transport you over hill and dale with the greatest of ease, ensuring that the hills are an additional delight, not an exhausting challenge. The rates vary between Flux 980and Flux 1300 on weekdays and holidays.
P.O.Box 5
L - 9701 Clervaux
T352929395, F352929451.

Golf Club Gaichel
It is a 9-hole course where players must be members of an official Golf Club. The rates vary between Flux 700 and Flux 1000 on weekdays and holidays.
Rue de Eischen
L-8469 Gaichel
T39 71 08, F39 00 75.

Kikuoka Country Club Chant Val
It is an 18-hole course where players must be members of an official Golf Club. The rates vary between Flux 1400 and Flux 2575 on weekdays and holidays.
L - 5412 Canach
T35235 61 35 , F352357450.

Golf & Country Club Christnach
There are 18-hole & 9-hole courses where players must be members of an official Golf Club. The rates vary between Flux 600 and Flux 800 for the 9-hole course & Flux 1000 and Flux 1200 for the 18-hole course, on weekdays and holidays.
L - 7641 Christnach
T3528783 83, F3528795 64.

Golf De Luxembourg
There are 18-hole and 12-hole courses where players must be members of an official Golf Club. The rates vary between Flux 1750 and Flux 2100 for the 18-hole course, on weekdays and holidays. It is closed in January till mid February and on Tuesdays. Juniors can avail a 50% discount.

Domaine de Belenhaff
L-6141 Junglinster
T35278 00 681, F352787128.
Apart from this the Hotel de la Frontière in Frisange, features golfing weekends for the 18-hole course: "Golf de Preisch" situated just 3 km over the Luxembourg border into France.


Trip to Metz (France) and Saarbrücken (Germany)

Last Friday, my Brasilian colleague Sylvia decided spontaneously to visit the concert of Ben Harper in the music hall Galaxie Amnéville in France, just 40 minutes by car from Luxembourg. So she hired a car for the whole weekend at the airport in the east of the city. For Saturday she invited me and our Italian friend Eleonora to come with her to explore the country/-ies. So we did :)

First we drove to Saarbruecken (Germany) in the south east of Luxembourg, distance: about 100 km, time: circa 1 hour.

Saarbruecken was full of people, and also young people, hej! They were preparing the Christmas session, and we started with a German "Gluehwein" (mulled wine). Then we explored the old city and entered a church. Furthermore we ate sausages + a steak with German mustard, later the evening we drunk cappuccino. Friendly people everywhere and not so quiet as in Luxembourg ;)

The tour to Metz (France) took place on the highway. We had to stop on a certain point with barriers where a friendly woman requested us to pay a highway fee to the France government because they do not provide freeways. I assume they refinance the highway with that money. Fortunately, that is not the case in Germany ... with their "no speed limits" "Autobahn" :)

Metz was really beautiful. A huge and wonderful cathedral, a theater with an impressive fascade, also an awesome Protestant church, etc. But we had bad luck because this Saturday was the 11 November, which is a feast day in Metz and its Surrounding (as well as in Belgium). They party the 11 November 1918 when the 1st World War found his official end. It is called the Armistice Day.

Every shop was closed. So we just could pass the shop-windows and look from outside. But we saw many nice things, e.g. Italian glass products, arts, an incredible wonderful chocolate shop (with CDs made of chocolate), a special wine shop etc.

The late evening we brought the car back to the car rental agency at the airport. The airport is tiny, just tiny! Only one restaurant (expensive), and a kiosk, but no other shop nor a takeaway or something similar. A friend told me that they want to extend it, I hope soon as it is a "European" airport!


Photos taken in Metz


Nightlife - Clubs and Bars

Karamba Bar & Restaurant
Address: Montée du Grund,
take the lift in Grund to the upper level

We were already two times in Karamba (Friday and Saturday) and there the guests were always having fun and liked to dance. Especially the ambience of this place is very spiritual and thus pleasant as well as the barmen who behave polite and friendly.

The first time we were in K'ramba, we had life percussions and a singer, fantastic! Yesterday, the 2nd time a DJ was playing the music with a laptop and a DJ software. Unfortunately he thought it would be cool to do a lot of effects on his machine, but it sadly wasn't. The music chosen was okay. Cocktails are 7 Euros. A beer 3,50 Euros. If you are here, just give it a try.

d:qliq Music-Bar
17, Rue Du St-Esprit
We discovered it on 3 Dec 2006, report here.

145, rue de la Tour Jacob
L-1831 Luxembourg-Clausen
A cool disco popular with students which alternates between rock and jazz groups; it's open on Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 3am. It is one of the oldest Clubs here.
* We visited the Melusina on 3 Dec 2006 - read the 'Rondas' post.

Full Monty
2A, rue Carlo Hemmer, L-1734 Kirchberg
at the rear part of the "Auchan" supermarket building
tél. 2643-2266, fax 2643-2267.
After Work Club tous les jeudis de 17.30 à 1.00 heures.

The Elevator
Bar in downtown Luxembourg also known as Hollerich. Includes club photos, message board and guest book.

Club 5
5 Rue Chimay, Luxembourg-Ville
Downstairs, Club 5 is a warm and eclectic bar; upstairs it's a brasserie with an outdoor roof garden.

Cuba Libre
5, place des Bains
Latino music. It's open Monday through Thursday from 9pm to 1am, Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 3am.

Address: 19 route de Hollerich
Bar, Club, Lounge
Situé à côté du parking du Passage Fitness First sur la rue de Hollerich, le Deluxx offre un 3 en 1 : un bar pour les aficionados du comptoir, un lounge pour les moments calmes de la soirée et un club pour danser jusqu’au bout de la nuit. Info taken from that website.
Deadlink! date 2006-11-14: www.deluxx.lu

Spaghetti Palace
45, bd J.F. Kennedy (Utopolis) in L-1855, Luxembourg
Tel. 26 00 85 15, Fax 26 43 02 33

Check-Inn Jet Club
7, Rue de Trèves in L-2632 Aeroport Luxembourg-Findel
Tel. 26 68 43 41
The Jet Club is a place where you can both sit down and talk in our chill out corner and where people can dance on the bar or dance floor in the main room.
Deadlinke, date 2006-11-14: www.jetclub.lu

31. rue de Bouillon in L-1248 Luxembourg-Hollerich
Tel: 296778
A boisterous club west of the train station offering a wide range of sounds.
Deadlinke, date 2006-11-14: www.didj.lu

1, Rue Joseph Heintz in L-1722 Luxembourg-Hollerich
Tel 26187187 - Fax 26187163

54, Rue de Hollerich in L-1740 Luxembourg
Tel. 495466-1
near the Central Station, all types of live gigs featuring famous international acts, aspiring local bands as well as parties and special events.

Blow Up
14, Rue de la Faiencerie in L-1510 Luxembourg
Tel. 22 88 99
Club with Mainroom: House & Rnb (mixed with latest clubmixes), Dressroom: 70-80-90 music mixed with commercial up 2 date

VIP Room
19, Rue des Bains in L-1212 Luxembourg
A restaurant and lounge. Only open in the evenings, eating until midnight. After midnight the restaurant turns into a nightclub.

58, rue Fort Neippert in L-2230 Luxembourg

White Luxembourg
21, Rue des Bains in L-1212 Luxembourg

75, Rue d'Esch in Luxembourg

14 Avenue de la Faiencerie, L-1510 Luxembourg
Wed, Fri, Sat 23.30 - 05.00h

Restaurants & Bars:

The Blackstuff
Les Ecuries du Parc
Namaste Restaurant
Restaurant Royal Chine
The Viking

Ratings at World66.com

A copy of La Semaine à Luxembourg (The Week in Luxembourg) from Tourist Information Office on place d'Armes will give you the latest hotspot to hangout. Opening hours are fairly inconsistent, but bars usually stay open till around 1am, clubs till 3am.

Pulp Club (Address: n/a)
Unfortunately this club for techno and house does not exist anymore!

Outside of Luxembourg City:

The biggest Dancing Club in Luxembourg opened in April 2004. Space for up to 2000 people. Opened every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 pm.

11, rue du Brill in L-3898 Foetz
Tel: 55 69 13

39 rue de Pont-à-Mousson, 57950 Montigny-Les-Metz
Tel. 0033-387669130

38, rue d'Audun, L-4018 Esch sur Alzette
Tel. 546787

Hindenburgstrasse 4, D-54290 Trier
Tel. 0049-651 1704363

Domfreihof 1, D-54290 Trier
Tel. 0049-651 99469210

53, Avenue de la Gare, L-9233 Diekirch
Tel: 26 800 181

11, Rue du Brill, L-3898 Foetz
Tel: 26 176 317
* We visited the club around midnight, read the post in this Blog.

12, Rue du Commerce, L-3895 Foetz
Tel: 26 55 10 22 (closed on Mon,Tue,Thu)

Further details for parties at: www.luxembourgnightlife.com

Luxembourgish Language - Lëtzebuergesch

Language family:
Indo-European >> Germanic >> West Germanic >> High Germanic >> Central Germanic >> West Central Germanic >> Franconian >> Moselle Franconian

As always you can look up a lot of details in the Wikipedia but in the following I would like to give you some useful and funny examples:

Nëmme Lëtzebuergesch schwätzen!
(lit. "Only Luxembourgish speak!")

Alles, wat Der ëmmer wollt wëssen iwwer Lëtzebuerg.
(lit. "everything that you always wanted know about Luxembourg")

gutt, besser, am beschten ("good, better, best")

wéineg, manner, am mannsten ("few, fewer, fewest")

Muer kafen ech en Hutt. ("Tomorrow buy I a hat.")

Bass de midd? ("Are you tired?")

Du solls net esou vill Kaffi drénken. (lit. "You should not so much coffee drink.")

Jo = Yes
Neen = No
Villäicht = Maybe
Merci = Thank you

Moien = Hello
Äddi = Goodbye
Firwat? = Why?
Ech weess net = I don't know
Watgelift? or Entschëllegt? = Excuse me?

Schwätzt dier Däitsch/Franséisch/Englesch?
= Do you speak German/French/English?

Fräi = Free
Heem = Home
Ech = I

*** Well, without knowing you have now had a language course and extended your knowledge. Try to use it in Luxembourg, believe me, it makes fun :)

Language Basic Course:
Mir léiere Lëtzebuergesch schreiwen

Phrases in Luxembourgish
...Wat een net änneren kann, soll ee roueg erdroen.
...Et ass nach laang net alles Gold, wat blénkt.
...Muer ass och nach een Dag.
...Alles huet en Enn, nëmmen d'Wurscht huet der zwee.
...Muergesstonn huet Gold am Monn.
...Wou näischt ass, kënnt och näischt hin.
...De beschte Réit kommen ëmmer ze spéit.
...D'Sonn schengt fir all Mënsch.
...Trauen ass gutt, nokucken ass besser.
...Alles huet een Ufank an een Enn.
...Jiddfer Zirkus huet säi Clown.

I like it! =)

There is also a kind of course "Luxembourgish corner of the virtual school of languages" for Germans at unilang.org


Car Rental & Skype for Calling Mobiles

Ha, something incredible that I found out:

You can use Skype-Out to call Luxembourgish mobile phone numbers, what everyone knows, but have you known that it costs only 0,02 € each minute!

That is as cheap as a local call in Berlin!

Car Rental
Moreover I have got the information that you can rent a car Ford Fiesta at the airport, and you just pay 22 Euros each day of the weekend (Friday - Sunday). Company Hertz. This is a special offer for employees of the Parliament. But should be cheap for everyone else as well.


Luxembourg City (Basics)

"The Capital of Luxembourg was founded in 963. It is the seat of the government and the official residence of the grand-duke. Numerous banks and European institutions have also settled in the capital. The vast green spaces as well as the historical city centre - transformed almost completely into a pedestrian zone - provide the visitor with leisure, a cultural experience and comfortable shopping. The excavations of the castle on the "Bock" rock, the old town, the casemates and the ruins of the fortifications are listed as world heritage by the UNESCO."
text taken from a brochure of the youth hostel

The following information is an excerpt from english Wikipedia (date 2006-11-01) and partly modified:

Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg

A commune with city status, and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It has a population of 76,420 (2005), populated at under 1,500 people per km². The city's metropolitan population, including surrounding communes, is about 104,000.

It is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, having developed into a banking and administrative centre.

Luxembourg City lies at the heart of Western Europe, situated 188 km from Brussels, 289 km from Paris, 190 km from Cologne, and about 50 km to Trier (by car).

The commune of Luxembourg City covers a total area of over 51 km².

A 70 m deep gorge throughout the town and cut by the Alzette is spanned by many bridges and viaducts. Although Luxembourg City is not particularly large, its layout is complex, as the city is set on several levels, straddling hills and dropping into the two gorges!

Luxembourg City is subdivided into twenty-four quarters, which cover the commune in its entirety: Beggen, Belair, North Bonnevoie-Verlorenkost, South Bonnevoie, Cents, Cessange, Clausen, Dommeldange, Eich, Gare, Gasperich, Grund, Hamm, Hollerich, Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Merl, Muhlenbach, Neudorf-Weimershof, Pfaffenthal, Pulvermuhl, Rollingergrund-North Belair, Ville Haute, Weimerskirch
For information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarters_of_Luxembourg_City

Places of interest
The city is the home of the University of Luxembourg and Radio Luxembourg.

It is also the seat of several institutions of the European Union. The majority of these institutions are located in the Kirchberg quarter, in the northeast of the city.

I hope now you are a bit better informed than before :)

Accommodation & Housing

To find accommodation is one of the biggest problems for stagaires here, and not only for trainees but also for "normal" people.

Option A
As a trainee you have the opportunity to request a room list from the stagiaires' office. Then you can call all the landlords from the list and try to organise your room before you come to Luxembourg City.

Further information at the website of luxsol.info

Room prices are between 300 to 600 Euros. Most of the people I met payed 500 Euros!

If this is not possible, you can do the following:

Option B
Come to Luxembourg City, take a room in the Luxembourg City-Hostel (also called "Auberges de jeunesse Luxembourgeoises" located in 2, Rue du Fort Olisy) which costs 17 Euros / night. They provide 4 and 6 bed rooms. If you are here, just buy an appropriate newspaper and look for the studios & rooms to be rent. **

Article about the Hostel in the press (in German)

Option C
You try to find other trainees who will start in Luxembourg City before your internship begins, and you agree to rent a flat together (in community). This is the harder way but makes it definitely cheaper!

These links might help you:

This website for trainees http://luxsol.lun-atica.net offers a thread called "Accommodation in Luxembourg". Maybe you can find there some recent information or leave a request for a room. Good luck guys!

** How to get to the Youth Hostel:
"The youth hostel is situated in Pfaffenthal, just a few minutes walk away from the historical centre. The city centre (1 km), the train station (3 km) and the airport (6 km) can be reached by public buses." - use the map & do not forget, it is down in the valley!
"The suburbs Grund and Clausen with their many restaurants, cafés and pubs are only 500 m away from the youth hostel."

PS: stagaire / trainee / intern - all synonyms used here

There are also a lot of Hotels in Luxembourg City but normally it is too expensive for students, charging 90 - 450 Euros per night. E. g. to rent a single room in the hotel "Mercure Centre Gare Hotel" situated directly at the gate costs 116 Euros!


From Luxembourg / Trier to Berlin and return

To help you people outside planning your travels:

1. Opportunity
- Lux to Trier by CFL train for 8 Euros ("Tagesticket", day ticket)
- Trier to Stuttgart by Deutsche Bahn (60 Euros)
or as co-driver (Mitfahrgelegenheit) if available
- Stuttgart to Berlin by air plane (about 50 Euros) **
* duration: 1 hour + 3 hours + 1 hour

2. Opportunity
- Lux to Trier by CFL train for 8 Euros ("Tagesticket")
- Trier to Berlin as co-driver (Mitfahrgelegenheit) (35-40 Euros)
* duration: 1 hour + 7 to 9 hours

3. Opportunity
- Lux to Hahn Airport by coach for 12 Euros (Easy by Coach)
- Hahn to Frankfurt International Airport by coach for 12 Euros (Bohr Omnibusse)
- Frankfurt Airport to Berlin TXL by air plane for about 40 Euros **
* duration: 2 hours + 2 hours + 1 hour

4. Opportunity
- Lux to Trier by CFL train for 8 Euros ("Tagesticket")
- Trier to Köln as co-driver (Mitfahrgelegenheit) or Deutsche Bahn for 25-30 Euros
- Köln to Berlin SXF by air plane for about 50-60 Euros **
or - Köln to Berlin as co-driver for about 25 Euros
* duration: 1 hour + 3 hours + 1 hour (plane) or 6 hours (co-driver)

5. Opportunity
- Lux to Brussels Airport by CFL train
- Brussels to Berlin by air plane (Virgina Express) for 40 - 55 Euros
* duration: 3 hours + 1.5 hours

I posted a request ("Mitfahrgesuch") in Mitfahrgelegenheit and a very friendly guy replied. We drove to Berlin within 8 hours. He charged me just 35 Euros. A fair price.
My recommendation: Try to organise opportunity N° 2 if available.

But it is seldom that someone goes by car from Luxembourg to Berlin resp. Trier to Berlin. Mostly you have to go to another town (e.g. Colonia) from where you find some people going to Berlin by car.

CFL = Société Nationale Des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois

** Cheap flight companies I found: Air Berlin and German Wings and Fly DBA.

Instead of using Mitfahrgelegenheit.de you can also use Mitfahrzentrale.de (but I prefer the first one)