Accommodation in Luxembourg

Hi, I don't know if we already told you anything about accomodation in Luxembourg, but if you are coming here, you will see yourself that it's not easy to find and, of course, not cheap at all. I would say that the best option is: http://www.wfs.lu/ There they offer accomodation for people working in the European Institutions for a certain time. As far as I know (I've never been there) it's 300 € per month and it's quite good. That should be your best option, but you will only be admitted if you have a traineeship in the European institutions. Read the website and apply as soon as possible if you want to have any possibility to be admitted, even if you don't still have your documents certifying that you have been offered a traineeship. Just tell them that you will send the papers later by fax before arriving.
If it doesn't work (it's full, for example), then you should ask to the institutions, they prepare a list of places to stay. At least, I know the European Parliament does it, but just for people working in the European institutions.
If not, then you will need to look yourself. One advice: try to avoid agencies. They will ask you a lot of money (equivalent to one or two months + caution!!).
If nothing works, try in the Youth Hostel (http://www.youthhostels.lu), at least for the first days until you find anything.

Good luck in your search!!!

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