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You find that you are chosen for a traineeship in Luxembourg but you have any idea about accommodation. Yes, the rent prices in Luxembourg are (...) are you kidding? Let's change the topic! The Hospitality Club exist!

But what is the Hospitality Club?
The idea of the club is very simple: "bringing people together - hosts and guests, travellers and locals".
Members of the HC offer each other help when they travel, be it free accommodation, a tour around town or an invitation to dinner.
There are no obligations, what matters is the personal contact. Use of the club is totally free; the HC is not commercial and everything you need to do is register on the club's website. Then you will have possibility to read other people profiles and find out your chances to get a sleeping place for a couple of nights and even a friend forever in all corners of the world.

The club was founded in August 2000 by a restless traveller, Veit Kuehne (25) from Germany and by now the club has more than 220 000 members in 207 countries.
Veit is now hitchhiking around the world trying to find one million members for the club and fascinating people with the wonderful idea of hospitality exchange.

The HC dream: One day everyone can go to a different country knowing that someone will receive him/her with open arms. People will travel in a different way, meet each other and build intercultural understanding through personal contact.

Be careful!
Ok, but how can somebody host people that he has never met before? How can somebody rely on stranger's hospitality? Sometimes it is enough to have a look on person's profile but anyway you can never be 100% sure who is hiding behind your internet fellow, so please be careful and selective.

Website: www.hospitalityclub.org

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