Flu and cold in Luxembourg

I decided to write this short post because Kajus and me sometimes had a conversation on why we didn't get ill in Luxembourg. It was surprising that we used to get ill (flu and cold, I mean) quite often in our respectives countries and in Luxembourg it seemed as if we were protected by a supernatural force : )

We discused if that could be due to the weather, the forest and vegetation around the city, or the apparently low index of pollution. Of course we never decided why, but it was true that Kajus never got ill here in Luxembourg. Neither me until the day before yesterday. Yes, unfortunately I got cold and I cannot say anymore that you will never get ill in Luxembourg. Let's say you get ill less often than in other places. Anyone has an idea of the reason? Please, comments are welcome!!!


Bianca said...

I had almost the same impression... horrible weather... no flu. But, as always it follows a "but". No cold till at this moment... but now ...I have a cold.

EuroYank said...

In Luxembourg you never get sick if you eat Grumpererkichelscher and drink Boefferding. I can testify to that. And it also helps if you go to church, to the cathedral often!