Living Costs in Luxembourg City

Recently I was asked about the living costs in Luxembourg City. Well, I led a normal life here and enjoyed it as good as I could (just read the blog) - for the time of three full months.

So what did I pay?

I have just rushed through my bank statements and got some approximate figures in the following:

Food + Drinks - 300 Euros
Living goods - 100 Euros
Communication - 150 Euros
Tickets (public transport) - 120 Euros
Cash (going out, trips etc.) - 700 Euros
Rent for one room - 1 200 Euros

Total: 2 570 Euros

Average: ~ 850 Euros per month

Hope that helps you calculating your stay!

One advice in the end: Even if you are short of money, you actually should do the 'trip' or you will miss something in your life :)

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