End of MY Internship

"My" is written capitalized because YOUR internship might already be started or you are going to do the last preparation to start?!

Anyway, I do not have the chance to write more on Luxembourg and Luxembourg City.

It is a pity but time goes on with other things...

Herewith I would like to invite you to go on writing THIS blog. It would be great if we can develop it more and more, and make it a platform for every trainee (stagiaire) in the EU-institutions or even for visitors of the country.

You wanna Join the Blog?
Just write me or leave a comment with your contact email, and you will get an answer as soon as possible.

All the best to all!
Kai Kajus Noack


Anonymous said...

Hello Kai,

I have just started working and living in Luxembourg. And I found your blog, all the info is extremely useful and I just wanted to say thank you for it and well done:-)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!I found ur blog really useful too!Im going to move there in March as a trainee in the European Parliament.For the moment, I havent found any blog or facebook group to join so I am still looking for trainees of 2012.
really thank you again;-)