Facilities in the KAD-Building (EU-Parliament)

Facilities and connected information

Wonderful, a diversity of products they sell (from all countries of the EU and more) - like the European Union says: "United in Diversity" ... I love this motto!
Prices are not high, I would say even normal.

Coffee & Drink Dispenser
A coffee costs 0,60 Euro and it tastes okay. The drinks are standard soft drinks, same price. BUT I recommend you the:

Excellent Cappuccino for just 0,90 Euro. At lunch time the food is terrific! It costs between 4 and 7,50 Euros. A salad costs 1 - 2 Euros. They cook special food, often French, but very various menus! One of the best restaurants I have eaten in (concerning offices)!
Some people adore the desserts (I remember a Brazilian girl :) - she was always eating Mouse au Chocolate).

Offices etc.
Please find out on your own! As a trainee you will be provided with specific information of the "Stagiaires Office".

Please feel free to ask me more about the facilities... just write a comment!


Anonymous said...

Is there a gym in KAD? Where do you park?

Kajus said...

Hi there, as far as I can remember you have a gym in the European Commission building. Just ask the people who work there, they know.

And yes, there is sufficient parking space.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The gym at the EC building is literally this:

- 2 indoor bikes
- table tennis table
- 1 tv + chairs
- 3 running strips
- 1 small swimming pool

It is quite bad.....